Polo Tech introduces new Graphite PCB with better thermal conductivity

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POLO TECH CO., LTD. who provides total thermal solution to PC & IT customers and is very happy to introduce the newest Graphite PCB for LED industry with high efficiency of heat dissipation.

Nowadays, heat is still a main problem on LED development. In order not to let the heat to influence the LED efficiency, take heat out from the LED bulb has become an critical issue on LED design. Traditionally, to enlarge the size the heat module such as aluminum heat sink is the main method, but the overall cost also become more expensive if the heat sink become bigger. To help to reduce the cost on heat sink, and increase the efficiency of the heat dissipation, POLO TECH applies the new material—Graphite PCB.

Graphite PCB is with higher thermal conductivity than aluminum PCB which add the value of compact size on final LED produce due to only smaller heat sink is required which will also a benefit to save the package , freight cost…etc.

Peel strength: 2.5 kg/cm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Breakdown voltage: 2.4 kv
Solder heat resistance: 230 oC
Heat shorting: 300 oC
X=> 400
Thermal conductivity: Y=>400 w/mk
Thermal resistance: 1.6 m2/w
heat proliferate: 3.0 cm2/s
Specific gravity: 1.3
Graphite contained: 99.5%
Density: 1.5 g/cm3

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Web Site:www.polo-tech.com.tw

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