Penetanguishene has the Edge to reduce municipal electricity costs

Jan. 14, 2009
Date Announced: 14 Jan 2009 Penetanguishene, January 2009 -- Penetanguishene has new LED streetlights in the form of 278 THE EDGE Area Luminaires supplied by RuudLED. To date 242 units have been installed giving this community (160 km north-west of Toronto) the distinction of being the Canadian leader in the adoption of energy efficient LED street lighting technology.John Boucher, Director of Public Works for Penetanguishene observed, "We will achieve cost savings of roughly 60 percent in reduced energy consumption and expect that the significantly longer life span of the light units will translate into substantial decreases in maintenance costs and complaints." This notable investment in energy efficient technology was the reason Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love attended the Penetanguishene Municipal Council Meeting on January 12th, 2009 and presented the community with a Certificate of Recognition - for achieving the milestone of installing the most LED streetlights of any community in Canada.The units supplied to Penetanguishene are THE EDGE model which are 80 LED units that replace 250W Mercury Vapour lamps. The power savings are calculated at 63% (182W/fixture) The new units consume 104W Total System Watts compared to the 286W Total system Watts of the old style "Cobra Head" streetlights. Savings for the municipality are calculated to be significant both in power reduction and reduced maintenance costs. Each LED light can provide up to 100,000 hours of lamp life and, since LEDs contain no mercury, disposal is not hazardous to the environment. Shirley Coyle, General Manager, Ruud Lighting Canada who was in attendance at the presentation ceremony explained how Light Emitting Diodes are an optimal technology for street lighting, having the advantages of being easy to retrofit, reducing light pollution by being "dark sky friendly", lower operating cost associated with both maintenance and power consumption compared to traditional street lighting products.RuudLED products are being used in private and public lighting applications across Canada. About Ruud Lighting - Ruud Lighting has been established in Canada since 1991. Our focus is on providing high quality lighting solutions, at a good value, with exceptional service. RuudLED is dedicated to leading the design and application of LED technology for general illumination. Our network of professional lighting agents across Canada work within their local communities, assisting specifiers and supporting lighting suppliers. In the US, THE EDGE™ and LEDway™ products are sold under the BetaLED brand. For additional exterior LED luminaire information, visit

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