Enertrail introduces 7 W, 300 lm LED recessed light

Jan. 6, 2009
Date Announced: 06 Jan 2009 Enertrail introduce 365-A2 LED recessed light built-in with advanced multi-chips on board LED packaging technology for effective heat dissipation and less decay on performance. LightingTrail 365-A2 series of LED Recessed Light High Flux 7 W is a good energy saving solution which performs the flux up to 300 Lm. 365-A2 series of LED recessed light 7W comes with an excellent performance on decay testing which was measured at only 4% flux drop for 1000 hrs critical testing inside a thermal cabinet at 55℃ environment temperature!Besides, the luminous intensity performance was measured up to 235Lux at 1 meter distance on condition of 60° beam angle which satisfy you with the great lighting performance while wide beam angle can still be retained simultaneously. 365-A2 series of recessed light was built-in with EpiStar High Power LED chips, and durable for more than 30,000 hrs. The LED recessed light contains an external LED driver enclosed. It can be used for decorating lighting, entertainment lighting, and architectural lighting., etc. Features1.EpiStar High Power LED chip Inside 2.Built-in with advanced multi-chips on board high power LED. The chips were mounted directly on a square aluminum substrate without using leads which benefits effective heat dissipation and less decay. 3.Excellent performance for high flux up to 300 Lm 4.Emitting colors available for warm white and white. 5.Excellent optical lighting quality diffused in an average way on lighting area. 6.Support optical beam angle with 60° for lighting occassion.7.Enclosed wtih an external LED driver certifed with UL and CE. (100-240V AC) 8.Recessed light fixture with metal material. 9.LED recessed light can be rotated vertically for lighting occasion. 10.No harmful UV or IR radiation.11.Long life for more than 30,000 Hrs. 12.Application for decorating lighting, entertainment lighting, and architectureal lighting.,etc.13.Compliance with RoHS 14.Dimensions: rim Size: Φ90 mm diameter; height: 60 mm

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