CeramCool® GU10 LED spot: is it a lamp or a luminaire?

Jan. 14, 2009
Date Announced: 14 Jan 2009 The new CeramCool® GU10 LED spot works with any LED. Socket and reflector are made from a single material: a high-performance ceramic. Thus its simple class II construction with safe insulation. A high voltage 4W LED only reaches a maximum temperature of 60°C, so both lifetime and light output are increased. In all CeramCool® ceramic heat sinks, the substrate becomes the heat sink. Here it acts as the lamp, or even the luminaire. The simplified construction delivers extremely high reliability. Conventional LED systems combine numerous layers with different expansion coefficients, typically introducing risks such as delamination and degradation. In addition, the mount and reflector of GU10 LED spots are usually made of different materials. With CeramCool® however, far fewer materials are used and ceramics are exploited for their electrical insulation, good EMC and high mechanical and chemical stability. CeramTec AG develops individual designs and special technical solutions in consultation with manufacturers. The CeramCool® GU10 LED spot shown here delights the eye with its continuous ceramic construction and stunning indirect light from the ceramic reflector.Lamp:The CeramCool® GU10 LED spot has a fully ceramic construction. Takes any LED. Simple class II construction with safe insulation. Designs are developed in consultation with our customers.Luminaire:CeramCool® GU10 LED spot: only lamp or even luminaire? Indirect light and continuous ceramic construction delight the eye. Simple class II construction with safe insulation. Designs are developed in consultation with our customers.CeramTec AGCeramTec AG is one of the leading global manufacturers of high-performance ceramics. With over 3000 employees and a comprehensive materials portfolio it serves areas such as medical technology, automobile construction and electronics, primarily with customized products, including mountings for xenon lamps, or CeramCool® in the Cadillac Escalade Platinum headlight. CeramCool® can also be manufactured according to customer specifications. Visit www.ceramtec.com for more information.

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