Docter Optics to showcase molded glass optical components at Photonics West

Jan. 12, 2009
Date Announced: 12 Jan 2009 Docter Optics will be present at Photonics West for the 10th time. The regular presence of Docter Optics at this international industry event with its own booth testifies not only to the quality and popularity of Photonics West, but also to the success Docter Optics has achieved in North America with its unique production processes and optical products. Docter Optics has been an international technology leader in the production of molded optical components with diameters of >1" for years. Ongoing enhancement of the company’s proprietary molding technology has enabled Docter Optics to achieve a degree of precision in industrial-scale production that generally makes it possible to do away with more expensive components of ground and polished materials.Docter Optics technology gives users in all areas the benefits of economical production of difficult three-dimensional shapes that cannot be achieved with conventional processes.Free-form lenses and components from Docter OpticsFree-form lenses can support multiple optical functions, and entire optical subassemblies can be combined in a single lens. That saves space, weight and expense. Of course, that also explains why free-form lenses and components are rapidly moving into the focus of the optical industry and users of optical systems. Solar technology and photovoltaicsThe threat of climate change, the need to reduce CO2 emissions and of course the desire to become independent of fossil fuels are driving research and the production of systems for alternative sources of energy throughout the world.In the area of photovoltaics, US and European companies have taken the lead. Today, one of the big challenges is to find ways to increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic systems of the future. Docter Optics will help make this possible and has already launched large-scale production of the light pipes, homogenizers, multiarrays and fresnel lenses required to concentrate and homogenize sunlight.Docter Optics already ranks among the world’s most important suppliers when it comes to economical large-scale production of light pipes, fresnel lenses and other optical components used for photovoltaic applications.New high-performance LEDs create new markets for optical systemsThe rapid development of new, extremely light-intensive LEDs now makes possible a wide range of unprecedented applications. However, all of these applications have one thing in common – the qualities of the LEDs and the use of custom optical components tailored to the needs of specific applications make all the difference. Docter Optics has developed the production processes required to take advantage of the benefits of advanced high-performance LED technology by using custom free-form lenses, arrays or other optical components to support applications in the areas of aviation, street, stage and venue lighting as well as innovative interior lighting solutions in buildings.Machine vision, biometrics and scanning technologyDocter Optics has earned an international reputation as a developer and manufacturer of optical subassemblies and lenses. Docter Optics "Tevidon" series lenses, which include macro, standard and wide-angle models for CCD machine vision camera systems, represents one good example.The Stilar 2.8/8, a super-wide-angle lens especially designed for use with the most recent 1.2" sensor chips (CMOS and CCD), was just launched last year, is now enjoying strong demand. The Stilar 2.8/8 features high edge-to-edge resolution with excellent color correction over the entire visual spectrum, manual aperture control, high relative illuminance and telecentric deviation of only approximately 5°.The miniaturized Auto-Tessar series lenses have also proven extremely popular. These lenses were specifically developed to obtain images without reflections or veiling glare even under extremely difficult lighting conditions to reduce the need for electronic componentry in camera systems.In the areas of biometrics and printing technology, Docter Optics partners with companies throughout the worldwide in the development and production of high-performance optical subassemblies. The company’s activities cover the production of everything from optical components to optomechanical and optoelectronic subassemblies as well as complete assembly. Docter Optics will be at booth No. 415

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