Mac 1 Industries provides lighting for new FL Ferrari showroom

Jan. 29, 2009
Date Announced: 29 Jan 2009 DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- Jan 28, 2009 -- Mac 1 Industries provided new LED technology lighting for the new Ferrari/Lamborghini showroom in Broward County, Florida, supplying them with green environmentally safe lighting solutions. The job was completed using MAC 1's state-of-the-art LED lighting.President of Euro Motorsports Inc. Gene Morales says that they have never been happier then to be the first LED environmentally friendly Ferrari/Lamborghini dealer, the savings on their lighting bill and cost of replacing bulbs was well worth it."The way the Illumination glimmers off the shining bodies of the exotic sport cars is just incredible," said CEO and Chairman Sam Abecassis. "I almost amazed myself, almost. The difference in the wattage compared to your average light bulb is incredible. Take your average 150 watt light bulb which gives off heat as well costing more to keep the showroom at a comfortable temperature to MAC 1's 3 watt MR-16 which gives off no heat even if left on for days straight and you are using less kilowatts and the air conditioning system doesn't have to work as hard, add the fact that the bulbs last 99,000 hours and come with a 5 year 50,000 hour guarantee. There is no question, this should be the standard for all lighting in the industry."MAC1's LED bulbs also have no mercury, Fluorocarbons, or gases that will violate the bill that Congress passed that all bulbs bust be retrofitted to this type of bulb by Dec. 31st, 2011.Mac 1 Industries (MIRA) is a cutting edge, Solar and LED Green Lighting Manufacturer. We offer Solar, non Solar LED Street lighting solutions. Our visual displays provide state of the art lighting, fixtures, bulbs, and LED Display solutions for all markets. Our focus is on LED bulbs which can directly replace existing bulbs. In this way we hope to encourage widespread use of LEDs to save energy, money and promote a Green Environment. Our R&D and quality control departments can supply you with custom designs from concept to installation, and offer OEM services that provide better lighting and display solutions. As our reputation grows, our revenues are increasing as well beyond expectations.

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