Anolis LED fixtures installed at the stylish Figi Hotel in Zeist, The Netherlands

Jan. 28, 2009
Date Announced: 28 Jan 2009 Anolis LED fixtures are providing a creative and practical lighting solution for 6 multi-functional rooms, 3 conference rooms, the hotel’s restaurant, and the separate espresso bar, at the Figi Hotel, a fully integrated, stylish, high-profile conference and business facility in Zeist, The Netherlands.The Hotel approached Arnhem-based lighting supplier Relight when they wanted a change of lights for the six multifunctional rooms that double as bedrooms and conference suites - with the aid of a movable partition, foldaway beds, electric roll-down screen and beamers. Relight in turn consulted Anolis distributor Controllux, whose Andras Pollé helped specify the fixtures and advise on how to design the installation to maximise the desired effect. The reason they chose Anolis was due to the quality of the light output, in particular, by the SmartWhite fixtures, the compatibility with Dynalite controls and also because of the brand’s proven reliability.Each room features 6 Anolis ArcSource 12/K2 SmartWhites used for general mid room down-lighting, installed neatly into a false ceiling panel. Together with the combination of ArcLink 3 CoolWhite, Amber and WarmWhites mounted in the wall uplighters, they take on the dual functionality of lighting for both bedroom and boardroom uses of the space. Endless ambient contrasts can be established by pressing one button.These amalgamate industry standard AR1-11 size fittings with a mix of the latest warm white and cold white Luxeon LEDs. Using Dynalite control, a whole range of variable colour temperature whites can be achieved. The Dynalite controllers also control, sound, electric curtains, and video screens.By the beds are ArcSource 3/K2 WarmWhite units, giving an understated illumination of the bedside drawer units. Above the left hand side of the beds, more Anolis ArcSource 3/K2 WarmWhites are inserted into a small opening in the ceiling and function as reading lights,Around the edges of the false ceilings in each room are 18 ArcLink RGBW strips which make the special colour changing effect. As with all lights in the room, they are controlled by a wall-mounted Dynalite touch panel. The hotel chose three colour scenes - white, a pale orange and a pale green – which are programmed into the controller, each carefully selected to bring conducive and positive alternative hues to a working environment.In the shower area of each room’s bathroom are two opaque frosted glass tiles, which are back lit with ArcLink RGBW strips, effectively turning the shower into a coloured door and disguising it as a toilet-only space for when in conference mode. This makes the whole environment more business and less hotel like. There are also ArcSource 3/K2 Warm and Cool Whites ensconced in the bathroom ceilings.In addition to the multi-purpose rooms, two conference rooms on the second floor of the Figi hotel are fitted with Anolis SmartWhites – allowing the rooms to be lit for conference and meetings with the cooler end of the white spectrum, or for dinners and receptions with the WarmWhites, which also work brilliantly well when combined with candlelight sources.The elegant state-of-the-art Figi concept opened in 1994 and in addition to the 97 room hotel, also features restaurants, numerous meeting facilities, a theatre and a cinema.

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