Ducat IV: 25% more lumens, with no increase in wattage or price

Jan. 23, 2009
Date Announced: 23 Jan 2009 Last spring, we introduced the Ducat IV which provided 4 diodes rather than the original 3. This increased our lumen output by 30% and made this a viable option for a multitude of applications.In December 2008 Nichia introduced the 83B series diodes which are 25% brighter than 083A series we are currently using. Therefore, we are happy to announce that effective for shipments in January, 2009, we can offer an additional 25% lumen output with no change to the number of diodes and no increase in wattage. Existing DUCAT-IV prices remain unchanged and you get a 25% increase in Lumen/$. Just imagine the applications that can now be addressed! We are expecting updated IES photometry files by mid-end of January 2009.When ordering Ducat IV to match existing fixtures, please indicate this on the order to assure that we provide fixtures with the appropriate lumen output.

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