Alpha-One introduces infrared spotlight LED unit for surveillance systems

Jan. 23, 2009
Date Announced: 23 Jan 2009 Alpha-One successfully developed this Unit with their excellent and unique optical technology by combining the high power LED, so called ‘Reflective Mirror Type LED’ and the proper Fresnel lens.This Infrared Spot Light LED Unit can realize an excellent beam light with extremely high radiant intensity for the purpose of a long distance irradiation.The mirror type LED which Alpha-One developed formerly is packed in a precise and compact package with reflective mirror inside and realizes greater performance of radiation efficiency.This IR LED Unit consists of 4 pcs of high power reflective mirror type LED with 900*900μm inside. The IR ray from these 4 LEDs is gathered by originally-designed Fresnel lens set in front of each LED, and the well-controlled strong parallel beam light (θ1/2 ±4°)can be obtained.It is suitable and more convenient for light source in different tasks such as surveillance system (IR illuminator for CCD cameras) and spatial data communication system, especially the ones that a long-distance irradiation is needed. AO850-4U is the unit with the LED at λP 850nm (AOP6-8510HP2). The radiant intensity at DC operation (IF=650mA per LED) is 16W/sr, and at pulse operation (IFP=8A, Pulse width 1ms, Duty 1/30 per LED) it is up to 160W/sr.The one at λP940nm LED (AOP6-9410HP2) named AO940-4U is also prepared.The unit with the different wavelength such as 870nm, 630nm, 530nm and 470nm are available, and the customization of the unit by changing the quantity of LED on PCB is also acceptable according to each customer’s requirement.


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