OEC AG announces changes in managing board and supervisory board

Jan. 22, 2009
Date Announced: 22 Jan 2009 Dr. Andreas Timinger, founding member of the OEC AG, laid down his mandate on the managing board for private reasons. However, he remains in the extended management team. The CEO of the OEC AG, Mr. Rainer Jetter finds continuing support in the well established team of departmental managers forming the extended management. These are Dr. Andreas Timinger, director of development, Dr.-Ing. Carsten Haberstok, manager of Optic-design and Mr. Peter Eckl, manager of sales and marketing. In midyear 2008, at a plenary assembly of the shareholders, the gentlemen Dr. Florian Cucu and Dr. Christian Hoess were elected to the supervisory board of OEC AG. They replaced there the past supervisory board members of OEC, Professor Dr. Thorsten Denk and to Dr. Ewa Nitsch, who accompanied OEC for long years. The managing board and the shareholders want to explicitly thank Ewa Nitsch and Thorsten Denk for the work performed and their commitment. The founder of the OEC, Professor Dr. Harald Ries was re-elected as chairman at the constituting meeting of the new supervisory board.Hereby, OEC AG takes a further step in rebuilding the enterprise. The course towards being a partner for industrial applications has been started two years ago and is consistently continued ever since. OEC AG is a leading service provider for optical design. We focus on the field of illumination optics, in which we have unique experience and mathematical tools. At the moment our team consists of seven physicists and engineers, who provide optical systems, design from idea to the point of start of production in close collaboration with the customers. Because our work is rooted in scientific research, we incorporate the most recent findings into our work, and therefore are able to offer novel solutions. On the other hand, we support our customers in product development until serial production and hence understand how to provide the outcome of our work conform to industrial standards.

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