Enertrail introduces 315-A1 innovative LED light bars with flux up to 800 lm

Aug. 8, 2009
Date Announced: 08 Aug 2009 ENERTRAIL tecnology is a leading innovator in the field of LED light for energy savings solutions from Taiwan. ENERTRAIL embrace the enthusiasm to introduce our 315-A1 series of innovative LED light bars solutions for better life for people on energy saving solutions.Our 315-A1 series of LED Light Bar is a good energy saving solution which performs the flux up to 800 Lm. 315-A1 series of LED Light Bar was built-in with LumiTrail advanced multi-chips on board LED packaging technology and durable for more than 35,000 Hrs. The LED chips were directly mounted on a larger square aluminum substrate without using leads which benefits effective heat dissipation for better luminous maintenance. In addition, 315-A1 series of LED Light Bar can support two sections of light output control for 100% and 50% of luminous output selections. Moreover, most of the LED light bars in the market were connected to an external power adaptor. If the LED light bar were daisy-chained for far distance, at far end unit of the daisy-chained LED light bar will decrease for its light output. What our solution is different from others? Our LED light bar series will be connected to external LED driver, and our design ensures the consistent light output for each daisy-chained unit of the LED light bar. At far end of our daisy-chained LED light bar, the light output will not decrease. 315-A1 series of LED Light Bar are good solution for architectural effect lighting, interior mood lighting, display lighting at show, display counters, closet, cabinet, bookshelf, vehicle, boat, planes., and a variety of application for residential, recreational, and commercial occasions, etc. 315-A1 LED Light Bar benefits you with better heat dissipation for durability, energy saving effective, and environment friendly. Our solution maximums your investment per penny on budget. Features1. Built-in with LumiTrail advanced multi-chips on board LED packaging technology. The chips were mounted directly on a square aluminum substrate without using leads which benefits for effective heat dissipation and less decay on performance.2. EpiStar high power LED chips inside. (First tier of the LED chip manufacturer in Taiwan)3. Excellent performance for high flux up to 800 Lm4. Emitting colors available for warm white, white, red, green, blue, and yellow.,etc.5. Excellent optical lighting quality diffused in an average way on lighting area. 6. Support optical beam angle 120° for lighting occasion.7. Support flat mounting type for decorative lighting occasion.8. Support two sections of lighting control for light output 50% and 100%. 9. Good design for consistent luminous output performance to each unit of daisy-chained LED light bar at long distance of connection. The luminous flux will not decrease at far end of the daisy-chained unit of LED light bar. The daisy-chained LED light bar can be connected up to LED light bar x 7 unit. (4.2 M) 10. LED light bar can be connected to an external battery for application on behicles, boat, air plane, train, and a variety of moving occasion where needs extremely lower power consumption at higher luminous output. ( subject to ODM/OEM for customized specs )11. External LED driver with high power efficiency 87%, certified with UL & CE and in compliance with IP67 12. LED light bar lampshade and mounting bracket designed with high impact resistant of polycarbonate material.13. Light weight design for easy insallation either by 3M adhesive tape or by M3 screws. 14. Good heat dissipation for aluminum heat sink.15. No harmful UV or IR radiation.16. Long life for more than 35,000 Hrs. 17. Compliance with RoHS.18. Application: (1). Architectural effect lighting.(2). Interior mood light for special events, concerts, clubs, hotel, and theaters., etc.(3). Display lighting at the show.(4). Step lights on decks.(5). Interior lighting for vehicles such as car, bus, truck, railcar interior, and a varity of moving occassions, etc.(6). Interior lighting for boats and air plane where needs lower power consumption at high luminous output.(7). Closet, cabinet, bookshelf, cupboard, and showcase, etc.(8). Focused reading, workbench, and task lighting, etc. (9). Counter top, desk top, ceiling, cove, cubicle, dark corner, and concealed lighting occasions, etc.(10). Mounting in tight spaces.(11). A variety of aplication for residential, recreational, and commercial occasions, etc.

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