Optoga updates OptoDrive line of LED light engines

Aug. 3, 2009
Date Announced: 03 Aug 2009 Optoga introduce an update on their line of Light Engines called OptoDrive. With integrated driver to secondary optics, just plug and play modules!OptoDrive Felicia and Clara are complete light modules that can easily be fitted into most types of light fitting. The compact modules open up completely new opportunities for exciting and functional design solutions. The modules give superbly balanced light, both in terms of colour reproduction and spread, making them usable in many different types of light fitting.Even due to their small size, Felicia and Clara offer excellent colour balance and spread of light. The colour rendering index of Ra 93 is far beyond the standards required of workplace lighting where tasks demand extra accuracy in colour perception. Felicia and Clara are available with light that has a warm white, normal white or cool white colour temperature.The demands of having a light colour that as much as possible have the same temperature as a regular light bulb have given results. The LEDs have had problems to follow the demand for warm white light but through the possibility to have a very strict colour temperature measurement we introduce LEDs from 2650 up to 4500 with excellent CRI.OptoDrive Felicia and Clara open up completely new opportunities for new, exciting and functional design solutions. They are also very simple to add to your light fittings, giving you a range of sales arguments.Luminous flux: 180 lm (Felicia) and 540 lm (Clara)Correlated colour temperature (CCT): 2950, 4000 and 5350 KColour rendering index (CRI): Ra 93Beam spread: 10, 30, 60 and Asymmetric Supply voltage: External Driver, 12–36 V DC or 230 V ACPower consumption: 1–12 W• 230 VAC or low voltage with or without Built-in driver • Dimmable with PWM from Dali or DMX etc.• Highly compact all-in-one module• Simple fitting, no cap, just two screws and a plugIf you want to see for yourself how easy it is to add new light fittings which incorporate LEDs to your range, just request your sample evaluation kit by registering at www.optodrive.se/order.pab (or call +46 (0)589 490 950). We will then send you an Optodrive evaluation sample. All you need to do is plug it in and light it up!

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