Lightwild completes greenroof LED lighting system in New York City

Aug. 6, 2009
Date Announced: 06 Aug 2009 Lightwild has recently completed a project called The Royal York Courtyard Garden in New York City. The project is located at 420 East 64th & 425 East 63rd. Specifics on the ‘greenroof system:’Date of completion: 6/19/09Product used: 43 of LightWild’s 12 x 24 RGB TilesSize of space: 15, 000 sq ft. This is a private rooftop courtyard between two apartment buildings. How installed: The tiles were installed into a raised pedestal pre-cast paving system on top of the roof. The lights and pavers are above a two- level parking garage that has a roofing membrane. The areas above the roof are planted with three different kinds of groundcovers. It is a ‘greenroof system.’ The total soil depth is only 6’ in those areas. LightWild Tiles were specified as the designer liked the affect and the product fit in with their concept of movement and motion, which they accomplished by using RGB tiles.Landscape Design Build Firm: Town and Gardens, Ltd. New YorkSenior Designer: Michael Franco

Deb Ducrocq Communications Manager Lightwild 7320 West 162nd Street Overland Park, KS 66085

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