CT Touring on the road with singer Taylor Swift

Aug. 10, 2009
Date Announced: 10 Aug 2009 Nashville, TN – Taylor Swift, one of today’s brightest music business stars, launched her 50-city “Fearless” tour in Evansville, IN this spring to resounding fan and critical acclaim. Swift told fans before the tour’s first date that she was designing a show that was “as multi-dimensional as possible,” featuring “an incredibly theatrical presentation of graphics, sets and visual elements.”The responsibility of bringing Swift’s vision to life fell to the renowned production designer Jonathan Smeeton. “She is a songwriter that tells stories that have a place and setting,” he says, “so we had the opportunity to provide a very theatrical show for her fans, rather than just dreaming up nice looks for nice songs.”Smeeton’s design is deeply layered and intricate, utilizing almost every inch of stage real estate with LED screens in the background, fabric in the middle field and hard white surfaces up front. The stage design enabled him to place Swift, as well as the band and dancers into detailed panoramas. While he had a handle on the artistic side, he turned to CT Touring’s J. Barry Otto to execute the technical angle during the conception phase of the project. “Barry got the idea right away,” Smeeton reports. “He didn’t ask me technical questions. He told me what could be done and gave me solutions. He paid attention and was all over it.” During Otto’s visit to Smeeton’s Nashville studio the two mapped out an equipment strategy to meet his artistic ideas. “It’s an ambitious set with a variety of surfaces and depths,” Otto reports. “But we were easily able to bring the right people and gear together to bring Jonathan’s ideas to life.”CT Touring is supplying 12 Barco FLM HD projectors, 56 panels of Martin 40mm Creative LED, four Sony HDC1500 HD cameras and a Grass Valley Kayak 200 HD flypack system.“We’ve had nothing but amazing support,” Smeeton says, “from the help I got while designing the show to the way the package was set up to the crew that’s working on the tour. CT Touring came to the table with a can-do and will-do attitude before they ultimately did-do. It’s been a great experience.”About CT TouringCT Touring is a high-end video services company, providing concert touring video systems to some of the worlds’ most talented entertainers. CT began over 25 years ago in London, England servicing the Live Event and Broadcast Services industries. Since then, our commitment to our clients has been met by opening full service operations and warehouses in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Internationally in the UK, Germany, Dubai, China and Singapore. For more information visit the web site at www.cttouring.com

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