Feit Electric introduces Performance LED light bulbs

Aug. 10, 2009
Date Announced: 10 Aug 2009 PICO RIVERA, CA - FEIT ELECTRIC, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient light bulbs, is proud to announce its general purpose line of new, bright Performance LED light bulbs available in several popular reflector sizes, plus a household "A19" shape. Performance LED bulbs contain high-powered solid state LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that are harnessed with ocular lenses to produce bright directional light output suitable for both distance and close-range uses in general lighting applications. They are true replacements for their halogen and incandescent counterparts based on the light output they offer, but they last up to 30,000 hours and use up to 90% less energy. They save money, increase convenience and, where applicable, reduce labor costs associated with bulb replacement.Additional benefits of Performance LED light bulbs include resistance to shock and vibration (no filament), no mercury (no special disposal requirements), no UV emissions (no color fading of artwork or attracting of insects) and no warm up time for illumination or full brightness.About FEIT ELECTRICEstablished in 1978 by current president and CEO Aaron Feit, FEIT ELECTRIC is a leading prime manufacturer of light bulbs with a specialty in energy-efficient lighting products. FEIT ELECTRIC is an ENERGY STAR® partner and is known for its quality products and industry innovation. The company pioneered the mini-twist, a line of CFLs that are the exact size of their incandescent counterparts and most recently the low mercury ECOBULB® PLUS CFL. FEIT ELECTRIC's manufacturing capabilities span the globe from Los Angeles to the Far East. FEIT ELECTRIC products are sold at hardware stores, supermarkets, mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs and lighting showrooms throughout the country.

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