SemiLEDs delivers LED used for street lighting to ITRI

Aug. 3, 2009
Date Announced: 03 Aug 2009 Boise/Idaho –- SemiLEDs announced today that it has entered into a joint cooperation with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). They are initiating a pilot program to convert part of ITRI’s campus street lamps from metal halide into LED systems. The 24W LED systems, designed by ITRI based on its own technologies in optical lens design and light-weight thermal solution, contain P2 Lamps that were packaged by Helios Crew Corp (HCC, ) using high power LED chips from SemiLEDs. Using less than 10% of the 240W of power required for the metal halide systems, the LED systems from HCC and SemiLEDs are able to provide greater light quality and distribution while virtually eliminating maintenance costs. “ITRI campus is the open environment for new pilot technologies. Therefore, we decided to adopt the latest and most advanced systems in LED lighting technology to illuminate our campus ” said Dr. Ian Chan, Vice president and general director of ITRI. “ ITRI is pleased to collaborate with HCC and SemiLEDs, two companies at the forefront of this global lighting transformation.” He added. “the results speak for themselves.”“We are delighted that ITRI’s demanding specifications were a perfect fit for our technology.” Said Chuong Tran, President of SemiLEDs. “SemiLEDs’ patented LED chips, packaged in HCC’s high performance and high reliability lamps, provide more light consistency, longer life and more efficiency at a better value than any LED on the market today.”About SemiLEDs: SemiLEDs is a US based manufacturer of ultra-high bright LED chips with state of the art fabrication facilities in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. SemiLEDs specializes in the development and manufacturing of vertical LED chips in blue(white), green and UV using a patented copper alloy base. This unique design allows for higher performance and longer lumen maintenance. SemiLEDs high power MvpLEDs deliver over 110lm/W. In December 2008 The World Economic Forum recognized SemiLEDs innovations with the 2009 Technology Pioneer Award. Please visit ITRIThe Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a non-profit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical services. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan’s economy from a labor-intensive industry to a high-tech industry. Numerous well-known high-tech companies in Taiwan, such as leaders in the semiconductor industry TSMC and UMC, can all trace their origins to ITRI.Innovative ResearchITRI is a multidisciplinary research center, with six core laboratories, five focus centers, five linkage centers, several leading labs, and various business development units. The six fields that ITRI focuses on include Information and Communication; Electronics and Optoelectronics; Material, Chemical and Nanotechnologies; Biomedical Technologies; Advanced Manufacturing and Systems; and Energy and Environment. ITRI has aggressively researched and developed countless next-generation technologies, including WIMAX wireless broadband, solar cells, RFID, light electric vehicles, flexible displays, 3-D ICs and telecare technologies. In addition, ITRI’s Flexible Electronics Pilot Lab and the Nanotechnology Lab provide international-level research platforms where R&D can be conducted jointly with partners. ITRI has also seen significant growth in intellectual property business and new ventures in recent years, and is devoted to creating a model that would make Taiwan manufacturing even more competitive within the international arena.ITRI employs 5,786 personnel including 1,058 who hold Ph.Ds, and 3,184 with Masters Degrees, resulting in an average of five patents produced every day. By disseminating both technology and talent, ITRI has led the technology industry into the 21st century and has cultivated 70 CEOs in the local high-tech industry. Apart from its headquarters in Taiwan, ITRI also has branch offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Berlin and Moscow. In order to generate greater economic value for the country, ITRI endeavors to transform Taiwan from a technology leader to a valued creator, changing “Made in Taiwan” to “Invented in Taiwan.” Please visit

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