Inventronics 100W & 120W constant-current LED drivers approved to new UL8750 safety standard

Aug. 19, 2009
Date Announced: 19 Aug 2009 Inventronics announced today that another two of its new product families have now been approved to the UL 8750 safety standard. This new standard, specifically written for solid-state lighting applications, incorporates requirements from a broad array of standards each of which have some applicability to the LED lighting industry.By the last week, the Inventronics 30, 50, 75, 100 and 150 Watt products, including both constant voltage and constant current drivers (EWV-030S, EWV-050S, EWC-030S, EWC-050S, EUV-075S, EWV-075S, EUV-100S, EWV-100S, EUV-150S and EWV-150S series), were approved to the UL8750 standard. This week, also approved were the 100W and 120W constant current drivers (EUC-100S and EUC-120S series), which produce a constant current ideal for direct drive of high power LED modules. These series include products with an extended input operating range of 90-305 Vac. Within each of these families, there are a variety of voltages or currents allowing the lighting designer to optimize their particular solution.The main features of EUC-100S and EUC-120S series are,-Input Voltage: 90 ~ 305Vac-Max. Output Power: 100W / 120W-Ultra High Efficiency: Up to 92%-High Power Factor: 0.99 (Typical)-Packaging: Waterproof Metal-Meet IP67 environmental requirements-All-Round Protection: SCP, OTP, OVP-Lightning Protection-Compact design, 194mm x 67.5mmx 37mm (LxWxH) EUC-100S Maximum Forward Current, ranged from 350mA to 4200mAEUC-120S Maximum Forward Current, ranged from 450mA to 4900mA Samples of the above-mentioned twelve series are available now. For more information, please check the Inventronics website ( or contact our experienced engineer team to answer any of your technical requirements and detailed specifications.

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