M-TUBE Flex: LED light system with flexible light guide

Aug. 4, 2009
Date Announced: 04 Aug 2009 The M-TUBE is an LED light system designed as a construction set: The flexible light guide can be combined with LEDs in different colors and intensities. In this way it is possible to realize soft ambience illumination as well as illumination and lighting with strong brightness.The light is fed into the light guide from the sides. Inside the light guide it is evenly emitted along the imprinted white reflector line. As a result the M-TUBE is the first LED light system that radiates light in perfect homogeneity and not, as with conventional LED strips, in lined-up light spots.The M-TUBE Flex is perfectly suitable for homogeneous illumination of round contours, lines and curved objects because it can be bent easily into the desired form. By means of transparent clips the flexible light guide can be mounted effortlessly, so that glowing silhouettes and brilliant highlights are created with ease.The name says it all: The M-TUBE Flex offers a maximum of flexibility of both, its elastic material and its compatibility with the various LED housings from the M-TUBE assortment as well as the numerous possibilities of application. Various light guide lengths (standard 300, 500, 700 mm) and connection facilities with strand or power supply unit round off the package.Further information, light inspiration and catalog order on www.m-tube.de.

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