Electro-Matic Products’ LED displays have ticker capability using Remote Media Manager

Aug. 31, 2009
Date Announced: 31 Aug 2009 Farmington Hills, MI – Storming Images Remote Media Manager (RMM) is a web-based product designed to control media content for LED signs and digital signage displays. Through the use of the RMM, customers can control signs locally or multiple signs at multiple locations by simply having Internet access hooked to the sign, the features for LED signs include:• Ticker feeds:Get up-to-date information that is relevant to a specific sign location through the use of Live Data feeds displayed on an LED sign. The RMM gets the Live Feed information from web sites and scrolls this information across the LED sign. There are several Live Feed sources available on the RMM for Stock Ticker, Entertainment News, News Headlines and Sports. Additionally the user can also use their own live RSS feed on the Internet to drive the display.• Message Scheduling:With the use of the RMM, users can now schedule what text messages are displayed on the LED sign at any given time of the day. This ability to customize the scheduling of text messages increases the effectiveness of the sign, allowing content to change according to business needs. Message scheduling options include setting up text to display on a specific date, day of the week, or time of day.• Easy Text Creation:The RMM gives users the capability to create/customize a text message specific to their business. This benefits a business by giving them the ability to change content on the fly, any time of the day, to meet their changing business needs.• Proof of Play:If the LED sign is used to display advertising, the RMM can collect Proof of Play data. Reports can be generated to provide advertisers with data showing how often their advertisement was displayed.• Sign Status:The RMM is a web based product designed to control signs at any location, built into the system is a Live Status check. This status information indicates if the sign is on, off or if there is an error.• Sigma Software Files:Through the use of the Sigma Play software, custom text messages can be created and added to the RMM for display on LED signs.####Electro-Matic Products, Inc. is a supplier of a complementary group of products, services and components targeting the users and manufacturers of industrial automation equipment and on-premise signage. Our Visual Solutions Group provides and supports a comprehensive family of LED Display solutions. These robust solutions utilize the latest LED technology and provide communication tools for commercial, retail and industrial applications. To learn more about our Hyperion® Displays please contact us by phone at (248) 442-2903, by fax at (248) 478-1472, or by e-mail at [email protected] or log on to www.hyperionsigns.com.

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