LOOK Billboards uses unique “Rotary” program on new Watchfire Digital Billboards

Aug. 20, 2009
Date Announced: 20 Aug 2009 LOOK Billboards Uses Unique “Rotary” Program on New Watchfire Digital Billboards in Ardmore, Okla.Advertiser response has been outstandingDANVILLE, Ill. and ARDMORE, Okla. - LOOK Billboards, an outdoor advertising company in southern Oklahoma, has installed its first three digital billboards, all manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor (http://www.watchfiredigitaloutdoor.com). LOOK Billboards, which owns 130 vinyl billboard faces in southern Oklahoma, is further embracing the digital advantage by implementing a unique “rotary” network program so advertisers can rotate their ads among all three boards if desired for maximum exposure.The 19mm poster-size digital billboards are located in Ardmore at Broadway and Commerce, on West Broadway at the Maureen Realty Building and on North Commerce near Walmart and the Mountainview Mall. More than 60,000 cars drive by these locations daily. And, since Ardmore is constructed with many feeder roads, strategically located billboards along those routes provide excellent exposure when ads are rotated among the boards. LOOK Billboards General Manager Chris Cowlbeck started out in the real estate business before getting involved in the billboard industry. As a real estate executive, Cowlbeck and a partner got together in the mid-90s to promote tourism in Ardmore. Both partners had experience using billboards to promote their businesses and decided that billboards were a cost effective way to advertise. Cowlbeck and his partner invested in a network of billboards and grew their billboard business with the specific goal of keeping advertising affordable for small businesses.“The addition of three Watchfire digital billboards makes rotating ads between boards easier and gives advertisers the flexibility to change their ads as their businesses change,” said Cowlbeck. “Rates are very reasonable too. In fact, we are holding back some inventory so businesses can advertise weekend sales, special events and other short-term events without the commitment of a long-term contract.” The response to the new billboards has been outstanding for LOOK Billboards. The company’s strategy was to surprise the community and not pre-sell the advertising. In the first day, the company had more than 75 spots running on the three billboards, and people were parking in the nearby lots to watch the ads rotate. LOOK’s Cowlbeck expects the billboards to be sold out within two weeks. What’s more, the company’s Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze advertising packages allows them to offer the lowest dollar point for any type of advertising in the Ardmore area. LOOK Billboards also is positioned to immediately assist the City of Ardmore and the State of Oklahoma with broadcasting critical weather and roadway emergency alerts, as well as Crimestopper and Amber alerts.Cowlbeck decided on Watchfire digital billboards after visiting the Watchfire manufacturing facility in Danville, Ill. “I was highly impressed with the facility and liked that Watchfire boards are ‘Made in the USA.’ Watchfire’s whole-sign color calibration and industry-leading uptime are important to my customers,” said Cowlbeck. “It’s a terrific marriage.”Digital billboards allow multiple advertisements to rotate on the same board, and because the messages can be changed quickly they work well for advertisers with time-sensitive messages or multiple product lines. Digital billboards are appealing to outdoor advertisers because they can be updated simply and remotely in minutes using software and a high-speed Internet connection. Watchfire Digital Outdoor produces the industry’s only 19mm pixel pitch billboard—which packs 768 LEDs into every sq. ft.—and is capable of producing 281 trillion colors, the most in the industry. It is the only manufacturer that fully encapsulates the LED module in a thick bed of silicone gel, which enables the LED boards to operate in extreme weather conditions: 180+ days completely submerged in water, 60 days in a salt-spray chamber, and temperatures ranging from -40° F to 120° F. In areas where heat and humidity are both high, the silicone gel encapsulation protects the boards from humidity and moisture, greatly improving projected reliability. All Watchfire boards feature unique extruded aluminum cabinetry that comply with 2006 IBC codes and a streamlined electronics design that improves operation and simplifies maintenance. Watchfire’s warranty, lead-times, customer support, and no-fee software are considered to be the best in the industry. Watchfire Digital Outdoor offers a free digital billboard financing guide, Top 10 Things To Know About Financing Your Digital Billboard. A download is available at http://watchfiredigitaloutdoor.com/look.###About Watchfire Digital Outdoor Watchfire Digital Outdoor engineers and manufactures the best looking and most durable digital billboards available anywhere. The company is the digital billboard division of Watchfire by Time-O-Matic, which has been manufacturing outdoor electric signs for more than 75 years, has been manufacturing LED signs for 10 years, and has more than 15,000 outdoor LED signs in daily operation throughout North America. Watchfire Digital Outdoor is located in Danville, Ill. with marketing and sales operations in Indianapolis. For more information, go to http://www.watchfiredigitaloutdoor.com.

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