Electro-Matic Products launches LED light fixture series

Aug. 6, 2009
Date Announced: 06 Aug 2009 Farmington hills, MI – In response to the latest Solid State Lighting Research and Development (SSL) Project, Electro-Matic Products proudly announces their new LED Lighting series including LED Fluorescent, LED MR16 light, LED Parking Garage Light, LED Streetlight, LED Spot Light, and LED Hi Bay Down Light. All feature reduced maintenance, low energy consumption, and are utilized in the replacement of traditional incandescent, florescent, sodium vapor, and mercury Vapor lighting.LED Street Light: Featuring thermal monitoring, linear constant current, and single LED technology, this product only consumes 130W and has 50,000 hours operating life and replaces 485 watt Cobra head style lights. Average maintenance for a standard bulb is 6 to 12 months as compared to LED Retrofit average life of 10-15 years. These can be purchased as kits to utilize the existing 100,250,400 Watt Cobra head and convert it in 10 minutes to a high efficiency LED light requiring 75% less wattage.LED Spot Light: With over 90% energy savings, this product is a low-powered high brightness unit for track, canister, and down lighting. The average life of the product is 10-15 years compared to 5 months for standard incandescent bulbs and utilizes the same socket. LED Hi Bay Light: The product produces light output equivalent to a 400W sodium type bulb, while consuming only 30% of the energy. This can be used in factory high bays, Gas station canopies and parking lots and a multitude of other applications. Average maintenance for a standard sodium bulb is 6 to 12 months as compared to the LED Hi Bay Light averaging 10 to15 years.Industry leading companies like AT&T and Walmart recently switched to LED Lighting systems to save both energy and operating costs. And late last month, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu unveiled $346 million in funding to help bring buildings up to new standards of energy efficiency in lighting. In a recent article in Sign of the Times by Dr.M. Nisa Khan Ph.D. quoted, “Essentially, LED’s now promise higher efficiency and longer life spans in our homes and businesses. The visionaries say LEDs will blow out the Edison-type screw-base lightbulbs, as they did the gas lamps, more than a century ago.”LED lighting by Electro-Matic provides a 3 year warranty as well as reductions in your power bill, reductions in your maintenance costs, and no heavy metals are utilized. ####Electro-Matic Products, Inc. is a supplier of a complementary group of products, services and components targeting the users and manufacturers of industrial automation equipment and on-premise signage. Our Visual Solutions Group provides and supports a comprehensive family of LED Display solutions. These robust solutions utilize the latest LED technology and provide communication tools for commercial, retail and industrial applications. Our past, present and future success results from our single-minded focus on product, process, people, and price.

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