Power station replaces conventional industrial lighting with Dialight LED solutions

Aug. 18, 2009
Date Announced: 18 Aug 2009 A large power station in Australia recently finalized an agreement to be fitted out on a progressive basis for all future general area and lighting applications with Dialight’s SafeSite® and LEDPAK® industrial LED lighting fixtures.Farmingdale, NJ -- Earlier this year, in consultation with Dialight distributor Maser Communications, the plant undertook a trial to determine whether LED fixtures were a viable, cost-effective alternative to the ongoing issues with their incumbent lighting solution. Several areas of the plant were selected and the LEDPAK® and SafeSite® series were deployed into the field alongside traditional light fittings.Leading up to this evaluation were a series of problems that the power station was endeavouring to overcome. These included high maintenance cycles on their existing light fittings; unacceptably high power consumption to light the power station using conventional lighting; premature deterioration of fittings that were exposed to severe shock and vibration associated with the vibration from the plant itself; and the risks to electrical maintenance staff who were frequently changing spent tubes and lamps, many of which were difficult to access.Using Dialight’s heavy-duty industrial LED fittings, the power station was able to dramatically reduce its overall energy consumption compared to that of the previous conventional lighting. With considerably reduced power needed to operate them, these new fixtures have assisted the power plant in its efforts to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.The LED fixtures produce a whiter grade of light compared to the incumbent lighting. As a consequence of the improved light quality and their instant ‘on’ functionality, the spacing between light fittings was able to be increased, which meant a reduction in the amount of LED light fittings needed in the plant, therefore lowering the anticipated cost of the upgrade.“To say the customer was blown away by our lights’ performance is an under-statement,” says Maser Communications General Manager, Matt Young. “The power station facility management team was understandably impressed with the obvious benefits associated with LED lighting — a significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs, a resistance to the day-to-day shocks and vibrations lighting fittings encounter at the power station and the instant full brightness when the lights are switched on. But the improvement in light quality over the existing lighting was the major benefit that the customer was really impressed with.”The Dialight LEDPAK series is being installed as an equivalent or better alternative to general area dual 36 W fluorescent light fittings for walkways, gantries, workshops and storerooms, while the Dialight SafeSite series is being supplied in 150 and 250 W variants for specific task, worksite and access illumination.The fittings were also chosen for the operational benefits they presented to the maintenance staff. With a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, which equates to 10 years of continuous operation on a 24-hour duty cycle at the power station, the lamps reduce the frequency of re-lamping and maintenance inspections, resulting in lower costs in staff and elevated work platforms, along with reduced occupational health and safety risks.The IP65-rated and vandal-proof enclosure enabled the fittings to be installed in areas constantly exposed to severe shock, vibration, heat, humidity and salt air. The staff were also able to wash down the fittings with high-pressure water and air without any risk of water or dust ingress.Instant ‘on’ functionality ensured that there are no warm-up times incurred in the event of power failure, typically experienced with the fluorescent lights that could have posed a safety risk.The IP66-rated SafeSite LED lighting fixtures were deployed in hazardous locations to replace the existing 75 to 250 W HID light sources. Their design enables them to be installed on walls, stanchions and pendant mounts with 20 and 25 mm conduit entrances and an internal splice box for retrofitting with the existing wiring. The fixtures provided better quality light, higher fixture efficiency and greater energy efficiency than the HID lamps they replaced.

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