Full steam ahead for OSRAM LED modules on cruise ships

March 10, 2009
Date Announced: 10 Mar 2009 Powerful LED modules from OSRAM are heading for new shores in ship lighting. Thanks to their excellent light quality and efficiency, they are the first choice for effect lighting on board the new luxury cruise ship, Celebrity Solstice, owned by US shipping company Celebrity Cruises. Ships of this class are built by Meyer Werft. In the casino, the disco, and even the dining area, along with many other places, OSRAM’s LED modules in its Linearlight range produce striking effects.For ambient lighting, Meyer Werft in Papenburg opted for the energy-saving halogen lamps Decostar Energy Saver 51 and for efficient Lumilux T5 fluorescent lamps. In cooperation with the Meyer Werft Lighting Group, OSRAM has developed a highly efficient lighting system specially designed for the ship. Linearlight LED modules, cutting-edge T5 fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps from the Energy Saver series reduce the energy consumption on board the Celebrity Solstice by more than 15 per cent compared to similar ships.This is particularly worthwhile investment for the operator of the cruise ship since a sizeable part of the energy generated on board a ship is used for lighting. At the same time, the lighting solutions from OSRAM pull off an impressive design. At 315 metres and 36.8 metres, respectively, in length and width, the Celebrity Solstice is the largest cruise ship ever to be built in Germany. It has room for more than 2,800 passengers and an upper deck featuring a 2,000 sqm golf course with real grass.LEDs are ideal for atmospheric lighting at seaVersatile and flexible, the Linearlight LED modules meet all the criteria required for a pleasant stay on board. They are small and produce lighting effects that conventional lamps fail to match. With their accent lighting, the Linearlight Colormix Flex LED modules perfectly add to the luxurious ambience of a cruise ship. Each of these modules consists of a 4m-long, flexible printed board with 200 LED, each with three colored chips, which make it possible to mix virtually any color – e.g. for dynamic cove lighting.A further module to create a special atmosphere is the Linearlight Dragon. This flexible system consisting of a metal core board with six Golden Dragon LED, lens holder, integrated lens and designer heat sink is highly suitable for large-scale lighting solutions. Developed by OSRAM as a special tiltable version according to the specifications of Meyer Werft, the module backlights walls with an oval-shaped light aperture as impressively as the windows of the cruise ship. Lockable and ready for connection, its installation with white LED and in RGB version was as quick as it was straightforward. In the casino and discotheque, the designers also opted for Linearlight Flex and Linearlight Powerflex modules. Together, the LED modules used have a total length of some 6,400 metres.Energy consumption reduced by 40%In the corridors and halls, the Decostar 51 Energy Saver 20W displays its strengths in recessed ceiling downlights. While it cuts the energy consumption by more than 40% compared to conventional halogen lamps, its level of brightness and aesthetics remain constant due to the special IRC infrared coating developed by OSRAM. It reflects the heat emitted back to the coil, thus requiring less energy to reach its full operating temperature.Further savings potential results from the use of Lumilux T5 HE fluorescent lamps on board. With a tube diameter of just 16mm, they are considerably more compact than previous standard lamps at 26mm and thus allow the design and use of space-saving luminairesThe Celebrity Solstice has now become a shining example of energy efficiency and sustainability. Four other ships in the Solstice class are to be provided with the energy-saving light. Meyer Werft concluded a partnership agreement with OSRAM that is designed to increase the use of energy-saving lighting solutions.“OSRAM is the ideal partner in lighting issues for us. Not only can its innovative lighting solutions be customized to meet our exact requirements, they also significantly improve the energy balance of our ships,“ says Bernard Meyer, CEO of Meyer Werft.Photo source: Ingrid Fiebak


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