LEDs driven by photo-electrochemical self-renewable cells

March 23, 2009
Date Announced: 23 Mar 2009 We are medical researchers and in 1990 began a study about the three main causes of blindness but in scant three months we detected a substance of paramount importance in the physiology of the human eye.Were 12 long years to understanding that this molecule is the human chlorophyll. Furthermore, in presence of light and water, has the capacity of split the water molecule generating or producing molecular hydrogen and oxygen, in other words is the human photosynthesis. These cells, made with QPERCAT (Synthetic human chlorophyll) do not need to be recharged in any way, because working night and day during decades. Our first LED lit with these designs had 25 months working day and night, and still goes on. We are looking for LEDS that works with our cells in the best way and for partners that have interest in development and application of this energy, that is very ecological and fully renewable.

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