AsianSignals develops new Rebel Spot 36 Emitter Board

March 10, 2009
Date Announced: 10 Mar 2009 AsianSignals announces their most powerful and efficient copper-clad LED array emitter board to date. Introducing the Rebel Spot 36.The Rebel Spot 36 is our continuing exploration into leveraging FR-4 copper laminate techniques in achieving a low cost, easy to use, and effective mounting solution for the Luxeon Rebel LED.All of the LEDs are arranged in tight formation inside a 34mm circle. This allows the board to accept off-the-shelf collimating lenses and be fit onto a low cost CPU heat sink. The LED circuits and layout pattern is sufficiently randomized to efficiently mix color between any of 4 circuits. LEDs can be mounted in combinations of 3, 6, or 9 per circuit. Circuits can be cascaded for 12, 24, 36 or 48 volt service. The board is multi-layered and employs heavy copper plating with more than 1,000 thermal vias.New to this board are built-in locations for two digital temperature sensors. Now, a manufacturer with an available I2C bus can accurately monitor LED temperature right next to the LED array.Again, we employ captive mounting holes for solid effective mounting and thermally isolated pads to easily solder wires to the board. With some practice, LEDs can be hand soldered to the board. This product is a dream to work with.The product is an experimental offering that is within 90% of our goal in handling 4,500 Lumens (tested with Cool White Rebels LXML-PWC1-0100). For arrangements of color - currently the board can handle any combination of Luxeon Rebels effectively.AsianSignals is an American managed Thai company operating out of Asia. We specialize in larger scale computer controlled / programmable LED lighting systems. Our product line includes the Rebel Square, Rebel Circle and Rebel Single products. For more information on this product and our other larger scale LEDs offering please contact us at the email address below.

Keith Summers

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