Lumex launches QuantumBrite family of high-intensity LED backlight technologies

March 6, 2009
Date Announced: 06 Mar 2009 Lumex has announced the launch of the QuantumBrite™ line of LED backlight technologies. Available in edge lit and chips on board formats in both white and vivid color options, the QuantumBrite line of backlight products provides more than twice the intensity of traditional backlights. In particular, the white QuatumBrite LEDs provide high-intensity brightness of up to 10,000 nits allowing for full daylight visibility. The QuantumBrite family is available in off-the-shelf sizes, and a U.S.-based team of experts is available to create semi- and custom- solutions for high or low volume specialty applications. The QuantumBrite family represents a new generation of backlight technologies, ideal not only for traditional applications such as flat panel displays and indicator lighting, but also for non-traditional applications, such as logo enhancement or indirect lighting. Now homeowners can have LED panels installed in walls, reducing the need for floor lamps and introducing an innovative contemporary element into their living space. The QuantumBrite line of backlight products can also be used for non-traditional uses such as refrigerator walls, test and measurement applications for jewelry grading or microscopes. “Whereas many LED backlight providers often require a 50,000 or 100,000 piece minimum order for customized LED backlight solutions, customized QuantumBrite backlight solutions can be completed for orders as small as 5,000 pieces, making this an ideal product and service for high-value, small volume applications such as medical devices, security equipment and industrial controls,” says Yasoob Ahmed, Manager of Display Technology at Lumex. “In addition to high-intensity light performance, what differentiates the QuantumBrite family of LED backlight technology is the fact that our U.S.-based team of specialists is available to provide expert system advice integrating a customer’s specifications for size, power and heat-management requirements, mounting needs, brightness targets and color selection to create a solution that is custom tailored to meet specific application needs.” The QuantumBrite edge lit LED backlights are available in both with- and without-reflector formats. The reflector format captures more light than does the without-reflector format, and can enhance light output up to 20%. LED backlights have several advantages over alternative backlight technologies, such as CCFL backlights. Unlike CCFL technologies, LED backlights are available in any color including tunable RGB, or even custom colors like pink, purple and turquoise because of the inherent nature of LEDs. Backlights are able to withstand both shock and vibration in some of the most demanding applications, and have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours – compared to the average CCFL lifespan of only 20,000 hours. LED backlights can also be produced in much smaller packaging than CCFLs, and are more environmentally friendly than CCFLs, which contain hazardous materials such as mercury. The RoHS compliant QuantumBrite LED backlights range in size from 1x1 inch to10x10 inches. Samples of these devices are available from stock, with custom production quantities in 6-8 weeks and standard production quantities in 4-6 weeks. Pricing is dependent on quantity ordered, and is approximately $1 to $20 per unit in production quantities dependent on size, color and quantity ordered.

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