Raytec launches commercial white LED light division

March 2, 2009
Date Announced: 02 Mar 2009 With the argument for switching to energy-efficient lighting products and solutions becoming ever stronger, a new commercial lighting division has been set up by Raytec. The UK-based company has built a reputation as a leading lighting technology developer in the security sector, specialising in LED-based illumination.Now its technology is helping transform approaches to lighting in many other applications, from architectural to public space and courtesy lighting. LED-based lighting systems are not only more energy efficient than traditional discharge lamps, they have a significantly longer life and so are less expensive to run and maintain.The benefits of reduced maintenance are particularly attractive in both mission-critical situations, where lighting failures may cause unacceptable risks, or in locations that are difficult or costly for maintenance staff to reach. Raytec’s LED products have an industry-leading guarantee of five years, making them ideal for these applications. The company’s illuminators, both white light and infra-red, are used in more than 45 countries worldwide, and are deployed in everything from high security to high volume applications. With a 12,000sq ft manufacturing facility in Northumberland, Raytec is now applying its expertise, in developing robust, efficient lighting systems, to both specialist lighting projects and general purpose lighting applications."We are continuing to break technical barriers in the race for greater efficiency," says Derek Plummer, who is heading up the new division."Our capability in engineering and optics has allowed us to take a world-lead in producing high efficiency, low energy illuminators. These are perfect replacements for applications where high energy technology is currently being used, and where customers want to save money and reduce C02 emissions."Raytec has developed a range of lighting design tools, which are available for specifiers and end-users. These include an energy calculator which can be used to work out how much money can be saved by switching from old technology to its Raylux products, and to calculate C02 reductions.


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