Stonco's unveils LED site lighting package

March 31, 2009
Date Announced: 31 Mar 2009 Stonco is proud to unveil their brand new LED site lighting package featuring Philips LifeLED™ Technology. Their package includes a collection of architectural area lights, wall mounted sconces and ceiling mounted parking garage and canopy luminaires.The LifeLED™ technology was developed by Stonco's sister company Lumec. It starts with 54 high light output LEDs each producing 107 lumens per watt. The directional light emitted from each LED is collected and re-directed by an individual “CULMINATOR” Each “CULMINATOR” is precisely positioned to re-direct light onto the target grid. Acting in unison, each of the 54 LED/CULMINATORS provide uniform lighting in an IES Type II, III or V pattern as specified by the catalog logic. The result is exceptional lighting with low glare, high uniformity, low maintenance and minimal energy consumption.Some of the features & benefits of Stonco’s LED site package are:• Green: No mercury content. No disposal issues. Totally Green.• High Uniformity: Exact light placement of 54 individual light sources ensures a low and consistent max/min ratio.• Energy/Efficiency: The 54 LEDs are rated for 82 watts, consumes 95 watts and provides the same light output as a 175 watt MH system consuming 210 watts. • Fixture Efficiency: 54 individual light sources optimized by 54 individual “CULMINATORS” ensure fixtures efficiencies of 85-90%.• Reduced Glare: Each individual “CULMINATOR” redirects all of the useable light into a 65 degree beam angle keeping light out of the critical 75 degree glare zone.• Maintenance Free: Assuming an average annual burn rate of 4,000 hours; the Stonco product offering utilizing the Philips LifeLED™ system will last for 15 years. • High Visual Night Perception: The human eye is most sensitive to light in the bluish energy spectrum at night. The LifeLED™ system uses LEDs rated for 6000K resulting in better night time perception.Sustainability and protection of the environment are prime concerns to Stonco and all of Philips companies. With the advent of LED based solutions, they are taking a major step forward in achieving both goals. To learn more about Stonco’s LED site lighting package please visit About StoncoStonco Lighting manufactures a wide range of contractor-friendly lighting products for both the industrial and commercial markets. These products include floodlights, industrial lighting, surface-mounted fixtures, landscape lighting with a broad selection of lamp holders, mounting accessories and lighting controls.A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation, Stonco Lighting is an industry leader in developing innovative lighting solutions. Stonco Lighting luminaires are noted for their Contractor Friendly features, making them the preferred brand among lighting professionals. For more information, visit the Stonco website at

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