Avolux Europe launches Orion LED street light module 24W

March 26, 2009
Date Announced: 26 Mar 2009 This 24 W LED STREET LIGHT MODULE offers the same lighting intensity as a sodium HP conventional street light bulb and fits in all street lamps, easy to install with 2 fast clamp connectors and adjustable fixing system. This ingenious 24 W LED STREET LIGHT MODULE incorporates high power LED modules built into a robust structure. A simple, inexpensive LED street lighting solution that will last for more than 70 000 hours [operating 10 hours / day mean over 15 years]. High Lumen output: Available in up to min 2600 Lumens. Revolutionary Photometric Design: We use a unique combination of wide circular lenses and elliptical street lenses to ensure an ideal uniformity of brightness on the road surface. Creative Design and Integration of Heat sink: The life of the LED is extended due to effective heat dissipation. Fits All types of street lighting fixtures. Made To Be A Direct Replacement: Directly replace existing toxic lamps (high-pressure mercury, sodium, and metal halide) with no need to change the original socket or shell. This light module not even need socket - fast clamp connectors guarantee that will fit any light body.

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