Luna Road illuminates Mexico City with LED street light demo

March 3, 2009
Date Announced: 03 Mar 2009 Luna Road, a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the new high-tech solar powered road studs, illuminates Mexico City.What's most important about this Luna Road Project in Mexico City is its location.45 Luna Road Lights (LR-40 Series) were installed on and around the Estadio Olimpico (Olympic Stadium) located in Mexico City. This stadium is where the famous soccer club PUMAS UNAM (a 1st division professional soccer team of Mexico) plays all of their soccer matches. The Olympic Stadium is an icon of Mexico, and is completely recognized for all the people of the country.The Olympic Stadium hosted the Olympic Games in Mexico City, and also hosted several games of the Football World Cup in 1986.The Luna Road project in Mexico City can be experienced by all drivers and all the people of the country.The Luna Road Lights were installed on chevron lanes on and around the Stadium's surrounding area.This demo-project represents the committment and determination by Luna Road, to implement Eco-friendly road safety technology to the world's roadways.Feedback from the project in Mexico City has been extremely positive and phenomenally superb.This is only the beginning of Luna Road's global launch.The next Luna Road Demo Project will take place in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. The Luna Road Lights will be installed on dangerous mountain road curves to help enhance nighttime road safety for Costa Rica's citizen drivers.Luna Road believes in saving lives, preserving and enhancing our environment, while beautifying nighttime roads all over the planet.* For any authorities intrigued by the potential of the Luna Road Light Technology, Luna Road offers pilot project demonstrations of their technology in action (such as the demo in Mexico City mentioned above) To find out more about the Luna Road Demos, email [email protected], or visit the company's website at

Luna Road - Lighting The Way!

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