PAS-NGL-G24PL LED retrofit lamps now available in Europe

Feb. 10, 2012
Date Announced: 10 Feb 2012PAS-NGL-G24PL LED Retrofit is now available in 6 and 10 watt versions in Warm white and Cool white for European market.Main advantages compared to other LED G24 retrofits are as follows: 1) Rotatable head of 90°, is necessary because nearly half of installed G24 fixtures do have 45°inclined sockets in fixture. 2) Uniform light, no glare. Panelled are used instead of individual LED sources. 3) Available in 6 watt and 10 watt, for maximizing energy savings for certain applications. 4) No energy consuming ballast needed , electrical decouplement of ballast is very easy to perform. 5) CE, LVD, ROHS approved. 6) 2 year warranty in Europe. 7) PAS-NGL-PLG24 are tested and have an initial burn in before they are packed. 8) Each PAS-NGL G24PL light is individually labeled and is protected with an outer box.The PAS-NGL-G24PL Led retrofit are being tested in local pilot projects at several locations in Belgium. 71% energy savings is now a reality and in combination with movement detection energy savings can be as high as 90%.PAS-NGL is actively visiting and screening world markets to find the best LED products and bring them to European market. Available products: PAS-NGL-G24PL-7 Watt WW PAS-NGL-G24PL-7 Watt CW PAS-NGl-G24PL-10 Watt WW PAS-NGL-G24PL-10 Watt CW Samples can be ordered,we are looking for distributors and dealers in all european countries.

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