Ledzworld Technology announces a solid-state cooled PAR20 LED retrofit lamp with 800 lumen output powered by Cree LEDs

Feb. 7, 2012
Date Announced: 07 Feb 2012 Penang - Ledzworld Technology, an innovative R&D and manufacturing company of high-end LED retro-fit lamps for professional users, launches the world’s first LED lamp with Solid State Cooling System™ (SSCS).Thanks to built-in solid state cooling technology, this 14W lamp is able to dissipate double the heat that a standard sized Par20 can usually handle. During the LFI lightng fair (9-11 May 2012) Ledzworld will demonstrate the technology in its Par20 featuring a whopping output of 800 Lumen (3000 CCT) and a system efficacy of >70 Lumen per Watt.The operating temperature of this lamp is much lower than Ledzworld’s 8W Par20 despite the absence of an aluminium heatsink. This enables Ledzworld to manufacture reliable LED retrofit lamps with an ultra-high lumen output. In Q4 2011 Ledzworld launched the 800 Lumen PAR16 lamps using the same Solid State Cooling technology, following in Q4 2012 Ledzworld will announce its 2400 Lumen Solid State Cooled Par38 lamps.Says Ken Chakravarti, CTO of Ledzworld; There are no moving parts inside so these lamps are not cooled by an active fan. The Solid State Cooling System™ (SSCS) is an elegant solution that actively removes as much as 30 watts of heat from LED lamps. The Solid State Cooling technology eliminates the need for bulky heat sinks, noisy fans and the need for exotic materials or new fixtures and outlets enabling Ledzworld to build LED retrofit lamps that fit in the existing residential and commercial lighting infrastructure and can be mounted in any direction.With the Solid State Cooling System integrated into our lamps, a system level reliability of greater than 25,000 hours of operation is achieved.Our new technology enables us to build extremely reliable products and to optimize the utilization of the light-sources. The lamps become more efficient and it allows us to look beyond existing production processes as we no longer need aluminium cast heat sinks. As a matter of fact we no longer need a heat-sink at all.When we are scaling up this will drive the cost down significantly and that prepares Ledzworld for an even brighter future. The revolutionary technology will be demonstrated at Ledzworld’s booth at the LFI lighting fair. (#6711) Ledzworld received the LFI innovation award 2010 during the LFI lighting fair in Las Vegas in the “general lighting category” for its CTA® technology.About Ledzworld;Ledzworld Technology is an innovative Malaysian based (Dutch- owned) R&D- and – manufacturing company that continuously develops and integrates the latest available technologies into its complete LED-retrofit product range. By applying the last technology generations, Ledzworld’s products continue to out-perform the products of its competitors including those of all A-brands.Ledzworld integrates new technologies faster than its competitors and has become a reputable OEM/ODM supplier of a growing number of large global brands in the lighting -industry. Ledzworld strives to be the quality technology provider behind the largest brands in the lighting industry who are increasingly facing difficulties to keep up with the fast pace of the LED retrofit industry. Ledzworld received the LFI innovation award 2010 during the LFI lighting fair in Las Vegas in the “general lighting category” for its CTA® technology.

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