Noribachi announces growth in multiple corporate arenas including LED Prix technology advancements

Feb. 9, 2012
Date Announced: 09 Feb 2012 Los Angeles, CA - Noribachi announces several key corporate achievements for the first quarter, including innovative goodwill pricing, solar and LED product advancements, and positive quarterly growth. An industry leader in smart energy products, Noribachi announces significant pricing revisions for its LED and solar lighting. In a goodwill action to advance the mainstream adoption of LED lighting, Noribachi has streamlined its LED lighting product pricing, resulting in significant price reductions of up to 31% across the entire product line. Pundits agree on the superiority of LED lighting and blame its delayed mainstream adoption solely on prohibitive up-front costs. The general consensus is that while the benefits of LEDs are indisputable, it is taking longer than expected for LED prices to fall into a comfortable purchasing range. In a goodwill gesture intended to make LED lighting more accessible and accelerate its destiny as the next generation popular lighting solution, Noribachi has innovated a pricing strategy that allows for a significant cost reduction of all its LED products. The new prices, on average 12% less than previously, go into effect immediately and are expected to bolster both interest and investment in LED lighting. “Cost has everything to do with how quickly essential energy efficient technologies get adopted. Noribachi strongly believes in a future of informed grid interaction and with our recent pricing innovations, hopefully the process of making solar and LED the standard is accelerated. Despite the excellent ROIs and financing options, the costs can be a little disarming. Our solution? We decided to lower prices as much as we were able. Simple and obvious,” says Celestyna Brozek, VP of Marketing for Noribachi.Noribachi also announces new standardized solar pricing, making purchasing solar beautifully simple and straightforward. All Noribachi hybrid (meaning dual optioned for grid and off-grid power) luminaires now retail for $1,299 and all solar, off-the-grid luminaires retail for $2,299. “With the low-power usage of LED light, there is no reason that the tens of millions of light poles in our cities should not all be solar or at the least, solar hybrid. For the first time in the industry Noribachi is offering an extremely simple purchase process for solar lighting,” says Farzad Dibachi, Noribachi’s CEO. In addition to its innovative price strategies, Noribachi announces LED Prix 2.0, a series of key product upgrades. LED Prix 2.0 includes new thermal optimization technology for all Noribachi products - connoted by the new black Common Lighting Unit (CLU) color, DLC certification for Noribachi’s most popular retrofit bulbs, and a special reissue of the Norilight (formerly the Santa Fe). The Norilight is Noribachi’s artisan designed integrated solar-LED fixture. With its minimal, bold styling, it perfectly complements the most diverse venues from parks to shopping malls. With the reissue, Noribachi expands the Norilight product options to include three sizes. The reissue also comes after a comprehensive design evaluation and highlights the new standardized solar pricing. Noribachi’s success with its innovative solutions is reflected in its financial results for the fiscal year 2011 ending in December 2011. Noribachi is happy to announce a 277% increase in revenue year over year. As a young company of two years, Noribachi is even more pleased to announce its first operationally cash flow positive quarter in Q4 of 2011. Noribachi would like to thank its rapidly growing list of customers for their support and business. Noribachi has successfully completed over one thousand installations to date in locations as diverse as Spain and Mexico and with a client roster including Disney, Lexus and Long Beach Airport. A recent partnership between Noribachi and Sennheiser resulted in a Noribachi LED lighting upgrade to Sennheiser’s Albuquerque facility. Sennheiser reported improved light quality and total satisfaction with Noribachi’s solution. For more details, please see the recent press release. “We are excited about creating a world-class manufacturing company here in the US. We recently opened a new manufacturing facility in SoCal and now have over one thousand customer installs. We couldn’t be in a stronger position moving into 2012,” says Luke Sutton, VP of Manufacturing for Noribachi.Noribachi is advancing the concept of informed grid interaction by creating smart energy products, challenging rote relationships with energy and design. Noribachi’s product suite includes lighting, power systems, and custom engineering and design services. These products integrate proprietary energy optimization technologies with renewable power capabilities and an uncompromising devotion to aesthetics.With over 800 installations – including world class hotels and luxury automobile dealerships – representing a diverse variety of markets across the US and internationally, Noribachi is a leader in integrating smart power and informed grid interaction with distinctive and human-centered design. Noribachi is a privately held company incorporated in the State of Delaware with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Albuquerque, NM. For more information please visit

Celestyna Brozek VP Marketing

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