Delo develops multi-purpose epoxy resin

Feb. 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Feb 2012 DELO®, a manufacturer of industrial adhesives, has developed a special multi-purpose epoxy resin. This two-component adhesive is unique and versatile thanks to the combination of its properties.The tension-equalizing DELO-DUOPOX® AD840 adhesive completely cures at room temperature and stands out by excellent adhesion to metal, plastic and smooth surfaces. Therefore, it is ideal for being used for bonding components in mechanical engineering as pretreatment can be omitted. For customers, this translates into a saving of costs sand blasting would cause. What is more, this high-strength construction adhesive can be used in a temperature range from -40 °F up to +284 °F (-40 °C up to +140 °C). It even achieves excellent bond strength at temperatures above +176 °F (+80 °C) and provides high peel and impact resistance.What is particularly beneficial is that the adhesive is easy to process from DELO®’s special double chamber cartridge system. It is dispensed from a double cartridge with a static mixing tube, just like a one-component product. In addition, the processing time is long and very user-friendly (up to 90 minutes in a preparation of 100 g). This is perfect for the production of large components.With DELO-DUOPOX® AD840, DELO® has developed a product that will do nothing else but convince the customers by its advantages.Do you have any questions or want to order a free adhesive sample?Please feel free to contact us!

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