CITEL introduces MLP range LED street-lighting surge protector

Feb. 17, 2012
Date Announced: 17 Feb 2012 CITEL, french manufacturer of protection against transient overvaltages since 1937, introduces its new range : MLPLED street lighting is now widely used for its efficiency, its energycost savings and its life expectancy. Nevertheless this attractive technology has an important weakness: its sensitivity to transient voltages created by lightning or by power switch operations on AC network.Due to its scattered and over-exposed location, LED lighting system will face induced surges which will create failure of its power supply or loss of lighting efficiency.For these reasons, the use of relevant surge protector located in the LED fixture is highly recommended.The MLP range is a comprehensive series of AC surge protectors dedicated to LED lighting system : they are available in several versions in order to be used on all the existing configurations.MLP surge protectors are based on a powerful association of MOV and GDT components, able to protect LED system against huge surges without disconnection.In the worse case, the SPD will fail in safety condition. Indication of the SPD failure is performed through power supply cut off or through remote signaling feature.• Surge Protectors for LED lighting system• For streets, roads, highways, tunnels• Class I and Class II confi gurations• Comprehensive range for all confi gurations• Very compact dimensions• IP65 version• Combined AC/Dataline version• Wire or Screw connection• Max. discharge current 10 kA• Remote signaling• IEC 61643-1 and EN 61643-11 compliance

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