Photometric Testing announces photobiological safety testing service

Feb. 10, 2012
Date Announced: 10 Feb 2012 UK lighting test specialist Photometric Testing has announced the launch of a new service for testing the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting in accordance with IEC 62471:2006 and BS EN 62471:2008.The European Artificial Optical Radiation Hazard Directive (2006/25/EC) imposes a statutory responsibility upon employers (via the UK's Heath and Safety at Work Act) to ensure that employees are not subjected to hazardous exposure levels from lamps and other forms of artificial lighting. This in turn means that manufacturers and suppliers of lighting products are being asked more and more often to provide exposure limit information in accordance with IEC 62471:2006 and BS EN 62471:2008, "Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems". To satisfy EN 62471, measurements of spectral irradiance and spectral radiance must be performed over the wavelength range produced by the light source under test.Photometric Testing has now taken delivery of a state-of-the-art scanning double monochromator-based spectroradiometer that allows it to perform measurements from 200-1700nm. Being a scanning double monochromator means that measurements are performed to the highest accuracy, with low stray light, wide dynamic range and calibration traceable to the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The new spectroradiometer forms part of a £200,000 investment that has lead to the creation of what is probably the most up-to-date lighting test laboratory in the UK.EN 62471 considers the photobiological effects on both human skin and eyes of artificial optical radiation (but not sunlight) and provides a definition of safe exposure limits and a framework for classification. Much like solar UVB radiation (280-315nm) is known to cause "sun burn" (erythema), optical radiation in the 200-3000nm range presents different hazards, depending upon the spectral distribution and the actual light level present.Speaking at the launch of the new service, Photometric Testing’s Director Dr Gareth John commented: “The acquisition of our new double monochromator system confirms Photometric Testing’s position as one of the leading lighting test laboratories in Europe. We provide a complete service, from routine integrating sphere and goniophotometric tests, to more specialised tests such as photobiological safety and flash photometry. At Photometric Testing we have the in-depth experience which means that our clients can have complete confidence in our measurement services”.Photometric & Optical Testing are your partners for testing LEDs, luminaires, lamps and displays. From standard photometric data to photobiological safety testing, from training courses in light measurement to developmental testing of new products, Photometric Testing helps those working with the next generation of energy efficient lighting save time and money in bringing new products to market more quickly.

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