Crossroads LED develops replacement for ETC Source Four PAR lamp

Feb. 20, 2012
Date Announced: 20 Feb 2012 -- The new retrofit luminaire replaces the 575-watt incandescent lamp found in the ETC “Source Four” fixtures with a 90-watt luminaire, increasing the efficiency of the fixture by 600%. Additionally, the retrofit qualifies for a utility rebate program.Collinsville, Oklahoma – An intensive research and development program by Crossroads LED, LLC has led to the development of a 90-watt LED luminaire capable of matching the lumen output of the existing 575-watt incandescent bulb utilized in the industry standard ETC “Source Four” fixture. The luminaire takes advantage of the numerous technological and manufacturing innovations that have occurred within the LED industry over the last 18 months, notably the increase in lumen output of the latest generation of LED arrays and the use of LED specific heat sinks.“We were approached by a major venue last year requesting a solution that would decrease their electrical use during a performance,” explains Dana Stefanoff, President of Crossroads LED. “Of the many solutions that were discussed, the concept which ultimately saved the most energy would replace the ETC “Source Four” lighting fixture’s 575-watt incandescent lamp with an LED retrofit luminaire.” The challenge in designing this fixture was demonstrating suitable beam angles and performance when compared to the existing fixture. Additionally, designing the LED retrofit luminaire to be easily installed by onsite technicians was a requirement that had to be met.The current incandescent fixture has a lumen output of approximately 7000lm with an estimated lm/watt efficacy of 12.17. The new retrofit LED luminaire has an efficacy of 115 lm/watt, allowing it to generate equivalent light output at one-sixth the power required by the current lamp.One of the design challenges involved the development of a new and innovative dual element heat sink that effectively manages the heat generated by high output LEDs. The new heat sink design is compact enough to fit inside the existing ETC “Source Four” fixture.The retrofit luminaires meet the qualifications for the American Electric and Power (AEP) and Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) “Model Cities” program which offers a one time rebate of $175.00 for every kilowatt of energy saved. In one proposed application, the current lighting platform consumed over two megawatts of energy during a single evening. Utilizing the LED retrofitted ETC “Source Four” luminaires, the preliminary data shows a decrease in the energy usage to just over 300 kilowatts. “It is easy to see where this very quickly becomes an attractive lighting option for venue owners and operators,” Stefanoff saidThe anticipated life expectancy of this retrofit luminaire is 50,000 hours. This is almost 60 times the life span of a standard 575-watt lamp.Crossroads LED will offer the retrofit kits in a wide variety of color temperatures and beam angles to meet the requirements of those currently using the ETC “Source Four” fixtures. CROSSROADS LED, LLC, located in Collinsville and Owasso, Oklahoma, is an electronic engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the solid-state lighting (LED) industry. The company provides innovative LED lighting solutions to the amusement, entertainment, commercial and architectural lighting industries.For more information on Crossroads LED and its variety of LED lighting products, visit or contact:

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