Aeon Lighting Technology announces grand opening of new branch office in Japan

Feb. 13, 2012
Date Announced: 13 Feb 2012 Taipei -- Aeon Lighting Technology announced the grand opening of a branch office in Japan. Brand new facility will provide extended sales and support to ALT continually growing Japanese customer base. The furnishings and layout of the venue shows enthusiasm and professional expectations. Along with the great products and services, ALT is confident that the business territory of Japan will create another wave of peak. The opening of the new branch office in Japan will greatly benefit ALT’s business in the region, enabling it to strengthen relationships with clients and partners and provide solutions and services. Also, providing distributors, system integrators and OEM/ODM customers with local pre and post sales support, and provide more effective product exposure to customers, as well as reducing product introduction cycles in this rapidly changing market. ALT is always been valued the importance to the world’s environmental issues, and also hope to uphold global experience and technology in this area, to provide appropriate and useful program for Japan. ALT in Japan branch also sustained head office in Taiwan’s low-carbon sustainable development strategy, and design the world’s best examples of zero carbon environment.Currently experiencing tremendous growth, ALT will not slow down in its pursuit of perfection, and will continue to develop lighting products that can help reduce humankind’s carbon footprint. “We know we all have a responsibility to protect the fragile planet we live on, and ALT is at the front of the pack, leading the way forward. Our future product generations will continue to save energy and we are committed to develop future products that take LED lighting to the next level. The global LED lighting is going to energy-saving trends, ALT believe that with the experience in Taiwan, the Head office is able to join hands with the Japan branch for a better future.

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