SemiLEDs achieves 40% external quantum efficiency for ultraviolet LED chips

Feb. 2, 2012
Date Announced: 02 Feb 2012 Hsinchu, Taiwan -– SemiLEDs Corporation (NASDAQ: LEDS), a leading developer and manufacturer of LED chips and LED components, today announced that its UV LED chips are capable of emitting radiation at a wavelength of 390-420 nm with 40% external quantum efficiencies (EQE – a LED’s ability to convert electrons into photons) at 350 mA (up to 500 mW output power*, typical 3.3V forward voltage). “Our patented structure and metal alloy substrate allow us to produce and supply to the industrial curing market UV LEDs that are capable of operating at high current with high output power density,” says Dr. Chuong Tran, COO and President of SemiLEDs. “We are proud to be able to advance the UV LED technology for the curing industry and to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers thanks to our proprietary MvpLED technology.”. SemiLEDs UV LED products are available in wavelengths ranging from 365nm-420nm, in chip sizes of 1.07mm x 1.07mm and 0.3mm x 0.3mm, and are immediately available for sampling and order. For more information on SemiLEDs’ UV LEDs or other MvpLEDTM products, please visit or contact [email protected] SemiLEDs SemiLEDs Corporation develops and manufactures LED chips and LED components primarily for general lighting applications, including street lights and commercial, industrial and residential lighting. SemiLEDs sells blue, green and ultraviolet (UV) LED chips under the MvpLED brand. * Note 1: Output power is wavelength dependent. For more detailed information, please contact [email protected]

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