XL Video engages in wicked game with Il Divo

May 6, 2012
Date Announced: 06 May 2012 XL Video is supplying curved LED screens and special customised touring frames, video playback control, cameras/PPU, an IMAG projection system and crew for Brit Award winning Il Divo’s current, highly successful “Wicked Game” world tour which is on its first UK /European leg.The elegant production design encompassing the three curved over-stage screens was the concept of Il Divo’s artistic director, Brian Burke.This follows on from an initial curved screen idea showcased at the group’s high profile one-off shows at London’s Coliseum Theatre last year – with XL also supplying video production. Central to the concept is that the screens should appear to be ‘floating’ in the air – with minimal or no rigging visible - a task with which XL Video was then challenged to recreate in a tourable format by tour director and production manager, Andy Proudfoot.XL’s project manager Paul “Macca” McCauley explains, “The main objective was to replicate the curved aesthetic making it as quick to rig and as easily portable as possible – and we are extremely pleased with the results”.The three screens - upstage left / right and downstage – are made up from a total of 280 modules of Pixled F11 LED surface, mounted in 55 of XL’s 2x2 touring frames which have been specially modified to create the curvature. Two of the screens – upstage left and downstage – each comprise two staggered surface sections one below the other, which required a further customisation to the standard touring frames.The screens also move up and down on a Kinesys automation system supplied by lighting contractors HSL. XL had rolled metal pipes fabricated to the same radius as HSL’s Kinesys trusses – which also happened to match the radius of the stage design and layout. These are attached along the tops of the touring frames.The upstage right screen that is the largest surface area of the three, made up from 160 Pixled F-11 tiles, is stepped out every two tiles by two tiles to make its unique shape, and these stepped sections are also supported by steels running through the touring frames above.As a finishing touch, XL had lightweight black masking drapes manufactured which Velcro neatly and precisely to the back of the touring frames, cutting out any transparency or ambient light leaking through from the rear.The screen content was commissioned by Brian Burke and has been formatted exactly to fit the screens. It consists primarily of scenic and ambient footage that adds a dramatic visual texturing to the show.The screen moves are smooth and seamless – many happening in the blackouts which compliments the pace and vibe of the performance, that is focused on the rich vocal harmonies.XL is also supplying four Sony DF50 cameras - positioned two at FOH and two on track-and-dolly in the pit - and a Kayak mixer / switcher and PPU for the European tour for video director Stuart Merser who is cutting the IMAG mix.XL’s crew of five are chiefed by Roger Nelson. The semi-legendary Myway is engineering, Tim Bolland and Steve Clarisse are LED techs and they are joined by Saria Ofogba. Andy ‘Paris’ Hilton is operating the Kinesys system.

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