Elemental LED continues to pioneer with white balance LED lighting

May 31, 2012
Date Announced: 31 May 2012 San Francisco, CA - Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based LED lighting company, recently expanded its selection of white balance LED lighting products. The company now offers color temperature changing LED strip light in two brightness levels, as well as two wall-mount controller models.Both types of white balance LED strip light have a Kelvin range of 5500 cool white to 2700 warm white. The original White Balance LED Strip Light that the company released in March of 2011 has a brightness range of 130 to 160 lumens per foot. The new High-Density White Balance LED Strip Light is over three times as bright with a brightness range of 432 to 504 lumens per foot.“Our High-Density Flexible LED Strip Light is one of our most popular products and customers continually tell us they are impressed by the brightness level embedded in such a small strip light. It made logical sense to offer our customers a similar high brightness version of our white balance strip light,” says Elemental LED CEO Maxwell Darling.The new White Balance Dual Slide Controller is a sleek, wall-mount LED dimmer and controller in one. Move the slider on one side to change the color temperature of the white balance LED lights. Move the slider on the other side to dim the lights. Elemental LED also offers the original White Balance Wall Controller with a single slider and a toggle to switch between color changing and dimming modes. Both are PWM dimmers that can dim the LED strip lights from 0 to 100 percent.White balance LED lights are now being used in numerous applications. Artists and photographers find that the white balance LED lights give them the color control they need when lighting their work in a gallery or museum. The lighting in indoor spaces varies drastically depending on the flow of light, the placement of windows and doors and the time of day. Now artists and gallery managers can control the color temperature of the lighting throughout the day so that each piece of artwork is optimally lit.Elemental LED employees report that White Balance LED lighting is also used frequently for product displays and convention booths, dressing rooms and vanities, and task lighting for medical and scientific research.“When a person learns that it is possible to change the color of their lighting, they soon realize that one color temperature doesn’t fit every situation and adjusting the color of the lights improves the space or task at hand dramatically,” says Elemental LED Marketing Manager Charlotte Dick. “LEDs give us control over our lighting in a way that incandescent and fluorescent lights don’t.”To learn more about the white balance LED lighting products at Elemental LED, please visit http://www.elementalled.com.About Elemental LED:Elemental LED is where style and affordability meet sustainable lighting. Elemental LED offers a wide selection of LED lighting products for home and business owners, including LED strip lights, light bars, puck lights, wall washers, light bulbs, controllers, power supplies and more. Products include color-changing, dimming and waterproof functionality. Elemental LED offers in house engineering and comprehensive customer service and education, from live phone support to online tutorials. LED lighting technology is the safest, hippest, and most energy efficient way to light up the world. Learn more at http://www.elementalled.com.

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