GDS ArcSystem makes Norwegian debut at Olavshallen Auditorium

May 2, 2012
Date Announced: 02 May 2012 Olavshallen is a multi-purpose venue situated in the north of the city of Trondheim, Norway, close to the river Nidelva. With a total capacity of 1204 seats on two levels, the venue welcomes a multitude of disciplines including touring theatre, live music, dance and comedy.GDS distributor for Norway, Elektrik Solutions was approached by the technical team at Olavshallen to supply replacement fittings for the venues ageing auditorium lighting system. The brief was to supply a reliable, sustainable product that could be easily installed between performances, so as not to disrupt its busy performance schedule. The existing fittings were downlights and used standard 100W lamps which were proving inefficient and becoming increasingly hard to source. Petter Nilssen Sales Manager for Elektrik was consulted by the venue and recommended the GDS ArcSystem 1Cell Pro adjustable fittings and wall panel for the job.The Olavshallen technical team replaced the existing 100W downlights with 81 ArcSystem 1Cell fittings controlled by the innovative GDS ArcMesh wireless control network. The fittings, situated underneath the auditorium balcony, utilised the existing wiring infrastructure ensuring a quick and easy installation. An ArcSystem wireless button panel controller and transmitter were supplied, allowing the house lights to be controlled from anywhere in the theatre in addition to the DMX feed from its existing lighting desk.Petter Nilssen, Elektrik commented: “ArcSystem was ideal for this job, it was chosen for its ability to dim from 100% to zero, and the fact that it could utilise the existing wiring infrastructure and could be installed in-house quickly and effectively”.“The installation was completed overnight by the in-house technical team, it was straight-forward, fast and the fittings worked immediately, the hardware and software were installed and communicated without any problem.”ArcSystem is a new range of LED auditorium lighting fixtures that are truly dimmable from 0% to 100% using the wireless ArcMesh protocol for control. This allows the ArcSystem to be retrofitted without the need to rewire the auditorium. The ArcSystem comes in a range of options for both recessed and surface mount, single cell to multi-cell including 1, 4 and 8 Cell options. The optics are available in a range of beam angles including 19deg, 24deg and 37deg. Using high-efficiency optics and LED’s, GDS ArcSystem is able to produce a CRI in excess of 92 with a range of colour temperatures.The ArcSystem range has been continually praised for its innovative design, flexibility and environmental sustainability. It has won numerous industry awards including, the LDI Best Green Product Award, the ABTT Lighting Product of the Year Award, the Theatres Trust People’s Choice Award for Sustainability, a PLASA Award for Innovation, and the PLASA Sustainability Award.GDS is a multi-award winning UK Manufacturer with a diverse range of technology-based products sold via its international sales distribution network in over thirty two countries. Based in Bristol with offices in the US, GDS specialises in lighting and control solutions and has seven market leading innovative brands in its product portfolio. In addition GDS has a special projects division providing manufacturing solutions for bespoke application in the entertainment, architectural, television, and corporate markets.

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