Premium Power LED plus fixtures, designed for warehouses and industrial areas

May 7, 2012
Date Announced: 07 May 2012 The Premium Power LED Plus (PPL+) has been completely updated and renewed. This Robust and more durable version (220cm fixture and LED lamp in 1) has an even higher lumen output while still using the same wattage (60-50-40W-Dimmable). This updated version is designed for areas with high(er) ceilings like warehouses, industrial areas, coldstorage, etc… it is also a perfect 1 on 1 replacement option for heavy duty fluorescents such as double T12, T8 and T5 fixtures.Extremely high Lux/Foot-candle valuesRentalite has designed the new Premium Power LED Plus by keeping the heavy duty industry in mind. It has installed its new fixture in several industrial area applications. The PPL plus has an average mounting height of 7 meters (22ft), at this height a illumination of 569 Lux (56Ftc) will be realized measuring from the working surface. Keep in mind that this beautiful light display does not require any maintenance for 60-80,000 hours after installation.RentaliteDesigned, developed and manufactured in the USA and Europe. Rentalite Specializes in instant big savings and durability in the 24 hour lighting industry. Rentalite’s fixtures are Robust from the outside and highly intelligent from the inside, and above all durable and long-lasting, every 80,000 hour you will only have to replace LED strip, this is can be done quickly just by swiping it out of the theft and vandalism proof, aluminum fixture and replacing it with a new one. Having extensive experience in the Lighting sector since 1978, Rentalite will always deliver the newest and most high-end standards in technology.


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