NTL Electronics India sells over 2 million LED bulbs in 2011-2012

May 10, 2012
Date Announced: 10 May 2012 NTL Electronics India Limited, the Rs. 550 Cr (US$ 110 million) Lighting Electronics major from India, today announced sales of 2.19 million LED lamps for the annual year 2011-2012. The sales came in not from a whole year of operation but from manufacturing LED bulbs for 9 months during the period.The LED lamps are the typical replacement of incandescant bulbs that are in use at homes. The number gains significance in the global context, wherein the total global sales for LED Lamps, as per industry estimates, were around 40 million. Strategies Unlimited, the leading market research firm in their forecast for 2012, pegs this number at 39.9 million for 2011.NTL Electronics therefore garnered over 5% of the total sales of LED lamps globally.“We believe that LED is the technology for the future and we will exploit the global design, and production strengths of Lemnis to deliver innovative solutions for Home & Commercial lighting globally. We are hopeful that we will look at cornering an even more substantial market-share in the years to come”, says Mr. Arun Gupta, MD, NTL Electronics India Ltd. The LED market is expected to grow manifold over years, so the growth for NTL Electronics is also going to be exponential. Strategies Unlimited pegs the market at 90.82 million LED lamps by 2015.Indian consumers, as those across the globe, are becoming more and more conscious about using sustainable, energy efficient lighting solutions. NTL Electronics has recently entered into a JV with Lemnis Lighting, the global LED major from The Netherlands, to design, produce and sell energy efficient, LED lighting solutions for India as well as the global audience.About NTL Electronics India Limited:NTL began its operations in the year 1993 and started its lighting journey in the year 2002. In less than 10 years of this journey, NTL has become the largest electronic manufacturing company in the lighting industry in India. Over the years the company has grown at an impressive CAGR of 72% and has become a Rs. 424 Cr (US$ 94 million) company in the year 2010-11. In 2010, a Private Equity firm, CX Partners, picked up a 20% stake in the company. NTL’s biggest strengths are its development and manufacturing capabilities. As a result time to market for new products is not very large. This capability allows NTL to give a large range of products to its customers, the who’s who of the lighting industry. Today, the product portfolio of NTL comprises of electronic control gears, ballasts, luminaires, retrofit CFLs, LED drivers and LED lamps.

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