Radiant Zemax releases two new editions of ProSource software

May 22, 2012
Date Announced: 22 May 2012 Radiant Zemax has released ProSource® 10, the latest version of its Radiant Source Model (RSM) analysis software, in two new editions – ProSource 10SE and ProSource 10DB - to better support optical and illumination engineers and designers conducting light source analysis and ray generation using Radiant Source Model files.ProSource 10 makes major improvements to lighting system optical design by: -- Enabling accurate color simulations of optical systems, via ProSource 10 generated spectral ray sets. This provides the most accurate designs for optical systems where variation of the light source spectral content with angle is a critical design factor, such as when using white LEDs. -- Reducing the time and effort to model optical systems with complete light source information by introducing a compressed format for RSM data files. RSM files are the most complete available descriptions of the angular performance of light sources, providing up to billions of data points. The new compressed RSMx data format results in the RSM files being smaller than traditional ray set files that contain only a small fraction of this information. RSMx files are now easier to work with and distribute electronically. -- Adding Unified Glare Rating calculations for more complete description of lighting systems, which is especially valuable for new LED-based lighting systems.“As optical designers and engineers strive to meet the challenges created by quickly evolving illumination technology, the pressure for faster, more accurate designs has never been greater,” said Ron Rykowski, Radiant Zemax co-CTO. “ProSource 10 and RSMs measured using Radiant Zemax’ Source Imaging Goniometers enable optical designers to meet these challenges simply, with the most complete light source data available.”ProSource 10 is now available in two editions: -- ProSource 10SE provides comprehensive light source and lighting system analysis tools and flexible ray set generation capabilities – including spectral ray sets for color simulations. -- ProSource 10DB includes all of ProSource 10SE functionality, plus adds one year of full access to Radiant Zemax’ online RSM database of nearly 400 industry standard light sources.ProSource 10 analysis capabilities include alignment images of the light source, 2-D and 3-D viewing of data plots of the light source output, generation of IES and EULUMDAT files, and UGR analysis. ProSource 10 ray set generation capabilities provide full user control over the number and angle of rays, total luminous flux, and ray origin. Photopic, color, and spectral rays are supported when this data is available in the RSM. Ray sets can be exported in formats compatible with leading design tools including Zemax™, LightTools™, ASAP™, FRED™, and others.ProSource 10 is available at Radiant Zemax’ web site, http://www.RadiantZemax.com/ProSource. The on-line price for ProSource 10SE is $1000 (USD) and for ProSource 10DB is $2000 (USD). A listing of Radiant Zemax’ on-line RSM database is available at the web site. Annual renewals and upgrades from previous versions of ProSource are also provided. ProSource is also available through Radiant Zemax’ worldwide distribution partners.

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