PolyBrite International announces the installation of Borealis LED lamps in the Illinois Executive Mansion

May 30, 2012
Date Announced: 30 May 2012 PolyBrite International, Inc. manufacturer and creator of Borealis® LED Lamps and Lighting Systems announced today the installation of Borealis LED lamps at the Illinois Executive Mansion in Springfield. Borealis lamps will reduce interior lighting costs by about 80 percent and should last for up to 10 years.Ninety-five percent of the Executive Mansion’s interior light fixtures will be LED equipped as a result of the PolyBrite installation. Borealis LED lamps have replaced Fluorescent bulbs in the Mansion’s office and work spaces and B10 candelabra bulbs in its chandeliers. Borealis LED products do not produce heat, do not contain UV or IR, and can assist in the preservation of historic antiques, artwork and woodwork within the Executive Mansion and other historic sites.“We applaud Governor Quinn’s sustainability initiatives to ensure greater energy efficiency that not only preserves our historical assets, but protects our environment and also saves taxpayers’ money,” said Carl Scianna, President and CEO of PolyBrite International. Mr. Scianna further noted that “The role of energy efficiency in reducing our state’s fiscal burden cannot be underestimated, and we can help accomplish this with clean and better quality lighting. Moreover, as an Illinois company, we are proud to be contributing to the creation of green jobs in our state.”PolyBrite combines the latest in LED technology with its precisely engineered and advanced electronics, patented circuitry, high tech polymers and patented thermal management to produce a wider and more consistent spread of light with higher CRI – color rendering index -- in a variety of color temperatures, resulting in a smarter alternative to inefficient incandescent bulbs.PolyBrite’s line of Borealis lamps includes general illumination, decorative and reflector lamps. Borealis lamps can be seamlessly installed, consume up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting and provide up to 50,000 hours of operation. A significant reduction in energy consumption, and maintenance and recycling costs will be attained without a compromise in the quality of light or the environment. The virtually unbreakable Borealis lamps eliminate maintenance and bulb replacement, are RoHS compliant with no mercury or environmentally hazardous materials, and designed for efficient heat management that reduces air conditioning costs.PolyBrite International, Inc. has established itself as an innovative global LED lighting technology company since 1995. PolyBrite designs, develops and maintains complete control in manufacturing solid-state lighting products, creating LED lamps, Street Lighting, Panel and Tube Lighting under its Borealis® Lighting brand. More information on PolyBrite’s Borealis brand of products is available on the Internet at www.polybrite.com or www.borealislighting.com or by calling 1-800-320-3801.

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