Leotek Presents Arieta - achieving the potential of LED area lighting

May 4, 2012
Date Announced: 04 May 2012 Milpitas, CA – Leotek Electronics USA Corp. is pleased to introduce the new Arieta™ LED Area Luminaire. Arieta™ stands for Architectural, Retrofittable, Inexpensive, Energy Saving, Technology Leading, Area Luminaire.ArchitecturalThe minimal profile of the Arieta™ is simply “form following function” – miniature LED arrays transitioning smoothly to a pole. The remarkably sleek, architectural form of the Arieta™ LED Area Luminaire virtually disappears from view in silhouette.RetrofittableThe Arieta features a patent pending mounting system designed to allow quick installation on virtually all existing area lighting poles. This extraordinary innovation allows a single installer in a bucket truck to easily retrofit the existing HID luminaire and install the Arieta™ LED Area Luminaire in minutes without redrilling the pole.InexpensiveBecause of Leotek’s high volume manufacturing and economies of scale, the Arieta™ LED Area Luminaire is surprisingly inexpensive – typically selling for hundreds of dollars below the price of similar products. With the tremendous life cycle savings of energy and maintenance costs, the financial “payback” is often quickly achieved.Energy SavingCombining the efficiency of modern LED technology and the superior control of the Arieta™ micro-lens optical system often provides energy savings of over 70% compared with the older metal halide technology usually found in parking areas. Technology LeadingWith the Arieta™, Leotek is using state-of-the-art LEDs, which provide many times the light output of prior generations of chips. In addition, rigorous accelerated-life thermal testing assures that these LEDs will continue to burn brightly for decades providing substantial savings in maintenance costs.Area LuminaireChris Nye, Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Lighting, states, “LED technology offers tremendous potential to redefine the traditional ‘Shoebox’ area luminaire. The compact source size allows for a lower profile housing and a much lighter weight luminaire to facilitate retrofits. In addition, the ability to control the light output so precisely eliminates the need for over lighting at the base of the pole, and under lighting between the poles, while achieving significant savings in energy and maintenance costs. The Leotek Arieta™ is the first LED area luminaire that fully exploits all of these advantages. This is what we mean when we say that the Arieta™ is truly ‘achieving the potential of LED area lighting’.”For more information about the Arieta™ LED Area Luminaire, please contact an authorized Leotek Sales Representative, or visit www.leotek.com.About LeotekLeotek Electronics USA Corp., located in Silicon Valley, California since 1997, and celebrating 20-years as an LED lighting manufacturer, is globally recognized as a pioneer in light-emitting diode (LED) technology. With millions of LED products installed throughout the United States, as well as on a global scale, Leotek offers a history of proven performance. The company manufactures innovative LED lighting products for applications encompassing traffic and transit; street and area; petroleum, convenience, grocery and retail stores.Leotek is committed to developing emerging solid-state technology that offers greater longevity and environmental viability than traditional lighting sources, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. Leotek, “The Leader in Electro-Optics Technology,” continues to lead the next generation with LED Green Technology. For more information, please visit www.leotek.com.

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