CoolingZone LED hosts seminar on new JEDEC LED thermal testing standards

May 23, 2012
Date Announced: 23 May 2012 Dr. Andras Poppe, of Mentor Graphics and Budapest University of Technology and Economics, will teach a course on “Testing LEDs – According to the new JEDEC LED thermal testing standards” at coolingZONE LED 2012 May 29 – June 1, 2012, in Berlin, Germany.An LEDs' dissipation, the package thermal resistance (or impedance) and thermal environment (including ambient temperature and actual cooling conditions) are key parameters for LED operation both at end-users in the field and during laboratory and production testing. To predict LED operation in a final application requires proper testing and characterization of the LEDs themselves and to be able to simulate the final Solid State Lighting (SSL) product.Though there have been great efforts in standardization of SSL products, until recently thermal aspects remained secondary – except prescribing elevated aging temperatures during LM80 lifetime tests. The importance of the thermal issues and the need for new, LED specific thermal testing standards has been acknowledged by some vendors who were the first to invest in the new thermal testing technologies and started pursuing thermal standardization activities.The JEDEC JC15 committee was among the first to act on an industry basis in 2009 by setting up an LED thermal testing task group, followed by the Division 2 of CIE where different technical committees have been set up to complete LED testing standards with thermal aspects.This course aims at providing the latest news about the activities in these committees with a main focus on the coming new JEDEC JESD51-50 series of standards on LED thermal testing:- JESD51-50 – overview document of thermal testing of high power LEDs- JESD51-51 – guidelines about the application of the electrical test method for high power LEDs- JESD51-52 – guidelines for how to apply the CIE 127-2007 total flux measurement methods in connection with thermal testing of high power LEDs- JESD51-53 – glossary, terms and definitions in relation to thermal testing of high power LEDsFurthermore, the course aims to show how the above characterization techniques provide real thermal metrics of LED devices together with their hot lumens and temperature dependence of their luminous flux and other light output properties. Facts and myths of LED testing will also be shown along with side products of combined thermal and optical testing of LEDs such as test based compact thermal models of LED packages or in-situ testing of practical thermal interface materials.coolingZONE LED 2012 is being held May 29th through June 1, 2012, at the Hilton Berlin, Berlin, Germany. CoolingZONE LED 2012 is the only LED event dedicated to the thermal management of LED Lighting.This event will feature experts in the field of LED thermal management to share their latest developments, research, and practical approaches to LED cooling. Engineers who attend coolingZONE LED events will learn about today’s LED cooling challenges, where the solutions will be found, and who can help them with effective products and services to manage today’s thermal challenges.coolingZONE LED 2012 agenda includes a full day of technical presentations from leading experts in industry and academia. Short technical sessions will be provided by corporations who are advancing the thermal management community with innovative and practical thermal solutions. Multiple short courses are offered as an integral part of the program for in depth training.Engineers, engineering managers and executives, chief technical officers, project managers, professors, students and others who want insight into the thermal design issues related to LED Lighting that affect product performance and the latest advancements in solving these critical thermal challenges.To attend Dr. Poppe’s short course and all of coolingZONE LED 2012 please visit the coolingZONE LED web site,

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