Color Vision’s track light illuminates Northern European Bedding & Furniture shopping complex

May 23, 2012
Date Announced: 23 May 2012 The large interior space of this newly opened Bedding& Furniture shopping complex is now lit up by Color Vision track light. Hundreds of track lights were installed to achieve massive energy savings. In comparison to conventional 50W / 75 W halogen lamp, the energy usage drops over 65% at least. The facility manager added” we used to put thousand of halogen lamps which generate enormous heats and we would benefit from cutting down air-conditioning wastes and furthermore reducing carbon dioxide emissions”Fitted with standard European 3-circuit adaptor, that enabled installers to complete the installation easily and quickly.”These top-notch merchandises deserve better presentation and certainly superior quality of light is considered as one of the key elements, says Mrs. Julie Mayer, the head lighting designer. “ We did not just look for brighter light and their track light really hit the mark” – Color Vision track light stood out from other competitors’ by possessing more advantages such as evenly spread light distribution, high color rendering and so on. Also, we sensed that different color appears to be a serious issue for LED light especially when you have many lights installed in the same place, and we are impressed by Color Vision’s product, delivering the right color we requested and consistent color of light. “Case in summary Product : 10W / 20W track light Beam angle: 40 degreesColor temperature: 4200 KelvinCRI value: 90

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