Cled to develop high-brightness LED packaging materials with low permeability

May 31, 2012
Date Announced: 31 May 2012 Cled for high brightness LED encapsulates silicon packaging materials developed low refractive index new products which reduce the permeability. A point of view points out that in high permeability of packaging materials, such as oxygen gas easily hacked into so the surrounding material will be LED oxidation and curing reaction, it could lead to reduce brightness.The development of new products and methyl silicone in keeping with the same level of heat resistance, at the same time it will fall to the permeability of methyl silicone about 1/10. In addition, the new product and phenylsilicone with same permeability and increases the heat resistance substantially. Adopt the new packaging material can prevent the surrounding material corrosion caused by the brightness is reduced, helps to improve the reliability of the high brightness LED. Besides, the new products refractive index of 1.38, below the methyl silicone, so good pervious to light quality especially suitable for high brightness LED flat packaging.

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